Life in Pieces (S03E08) "The Twelve Shorts of Christmas"

From rocking to classic Christmas carol to suicidal rumba vacuum, cleaning bee holes to even the greatest gift of all, this Christmas with the Shorts is sure one to be remember this year.

In this Christmas episode, we see twelve short stories of the Shorts and how they spend their days all the way up to Christmas. From Greg rocking out to Carol of the Bells by Mannheim Steamroller to Sophia accidentally drinking egg nog instead of milk to go to sleep. Not to mention the sad, funny and confused moment when Joan’s rumba vacuum committed suicide. Not to mention from beehive jokes to even watching Greg, Heather and Matt trying to recapture their moment in the tub when they were kids.

“The Twelve Shorts of Christmas” is a half hour of comedy gold. With many, many memorable moments that I would put this episode on the list of great Christmas classic episodes. The cast was amazing and let a lone the writing was strong, solid and outstanding. I recommend you watching this episode before Christmas. Overall, I give this episode a 9.5/10.

You can catch Life in Pieces Thursdays at 9:30/8:30c on CBS.