Real Housewives of Melbourne (S04E03) “Midsummer Madness”

Episode 3 begins at lunch with Gina, Lydia and Venus.  The girls are reviewing their night at Janet’s party and they’re chatting about the Lord & Lady Titles that Gamble gave to Janet.  Venus says that she feels Gamble was trying to make fun of her husband James by buying the novelty Titles and points out that James’ Title of Lord is in his passport, so it is the real thing.  Lydia is unimpressed and points out to us that Australians are egalitarian and Titles mean little here.

Venus then asks Lydia about why she asked James “how are you my Lord”. Apparently, James told Venus he was upset by her timing, suggesting that if it was any other time it would have been more appropriate.  You’ve got to love Gina as she jumped in and told Venus that James was being too sensitive and suggested that Venus shouldn’t bring him to functions if he can’t hack it.  Gina also said that she can’t handle people being ‘precious’ and that Lydia was just trying to make light of the situation.  Venus didn’t look thrilled and defended her husband saying that he is not precious.  Gina then tells us that a little humour needs to be added to the situation as it has become so serious, and that Venus shouldn’t bring her husband if he can’t cope.  Gina knows her own mind, and always speaks it unapologetically. I totally admire her for being that way.

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Gina then told the girls that she had tried to have a conversation with Gamble at the party and the point Gina was making was that she thinks Gamble gets conversations mixed up in her mind.  Venus suggested perhaps Gamble should ‘eat’ which prompted Lydia to ask if Gina spoke to Gamble about her weight loss.  Gina explained that she tried to tell her how worried she was, but she felt that they needed to have another conversation.  Gina mentioned that she is fond of Gamble but just doesn’t like the way that she is behaving.

Lydia then told the girls that Janet took her aside at the party and asked her if she was aiming to break up her friendship with Jackie. Lydia tells us that she has never done anything wrong to Janet so she doesn’t understand why Janet is vindictive towards her.  Lydia then refers to the day she had lunch with Gina and Janet and mentions that Janet was gossiping about Jackie after she had a few drinks. Gina confirmed this by saying that it seemed as if there were existing problems between Janet and Jackie for which Lydia couldn’t be held accountable.  Lydia then told us that Janet said some horrible things about Jackie but claimed she wasn’t gong to repeat what Janet said.  Lydia said that she has nothing to do with the problems that existed between Janet and Jackie and that she wasn’t going to tolerate being put down any longer.

This was the second time that Lydia raised the nasty comments that Janet allegedly made about Jackie behind her back.  Although she says that she won’t repeat what Janet said, my prediction is that this will become a story line this season – do you agree?

Jackie, Janet and Sally go to have lunch with Chyka at her beautiful holiday house in the country.  Chyka calls it her cottage but it looks at least 10 times larger than my first home!  We learn that Chyka and Sally are very good friends and have known one another for about 25 years.  Chyka is working on a coffee table book and as always has prepared a wonderful meal for the girls.  She also looks fabulous with her new hairstyle and I must say she also looks so relaxed and even happier than her usual self – perhaps leaving the show has worked well for her!

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Janet leads the conversation by telling Chyka that she has missed out on so much news.  She tells her about the incident at her cocktail party where Gamble gifted her with the novelty Titles.  She tells Chyka all about Venus being offended because Venus and James have the Titles of Lord and Lady.  Janet goes on to say that James’ grandfather bought him his Title as a gift and that it isn’t a real Title, but he still refers to himself as Lord James.  Chyka mentions her son BJ was given a Title of Lord for his 21st which came with a square foot of land and is apparently allowed to put that on his passport too. Janet tells us that she thinks buying a Lordship makes it BS and regardless of how much money was spent it still would not be a real Title.  Sally says that they should have just had a laugh about Gamble’s gift to Janet and that this would have prevented all the drama that took place.  Sally also mentioned that before Gamble arrived she felt Gina was being a “mean girl” about Gamble and that she felt sorry for her.  Jackie told them that she later heard the loud argument that Gamble and Gina had when they stepped aside to talk about their issues.

Janet said that she wasn’t optimistic about the friendship between “Gina the Barrister and Lydia who left school at 9”.  She said Lydia was “as dumb as dog shit” and that in future when Lydia speaks she will basically say to her “you’re irrelevant”. It looked to me like one of those situations where one person is saying nasty things about another person, and the other people that are present offer up an uncomfortable laugh.  It just didn’t seem to me that Jackie, Sally and Chyka were at ease with the nasty comments that Janet was making about Lydia.  After all, Sally had just described Gina as a mean girl for saying nasty things behind Gamble’s back so I can’t see this situation as any different. We also know that Jackie and Chyka are not the types to get tangled in nasty gossip either.

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Out of interest, I did a little reading and found there are actually 3 ways to obtain a Lord Title.  The first is as a novelty and these do at times come with a small piece of land (as in Chyka’s sons case).  Simply put, even though they have that land, they do not have land rights. The second way is also through a purchase but it comes with buying the estate which is attached to the Title.  It is considered to have more prestige than a novelty Title and certainly can cost a fortune but neither of these two give a seat in the House of Lords. Finally, the 3rd way to acquire a Title of Lord is by receiving an official appointment to the House of Lords which comes from the Prime Minister and is approved by the Queen.

During their date night Rick tells Gamble that he loves her ‘new look’, and Gamble tells us that her relationship with him is very strong and that he is a great support to her.  She also tells us that her step son Luke is about to turn 21 and she has been putting a great deal of work into organising a special birthday for him. Gamble tells us that Luke has taken on all the good qualities of Rick.    Gamble tells Rick that she has made some adjustments to the party such as Luke will not be making his entrance via a parachute jump as he’s not keen on that plan. Parachute? Umm Ok ….

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Gamble tells Rick that Venus is Persian but she looks Siamese.  She said she didn’t intend on causing a big dramata Janet’s party. Rick is fairly amused by the whole thing and Gamble tells us that in Australia, James is likely to get a bit of stirring for calling himself ‘Lord’.  Rick is just great in the way he approaches things with Gamble.  When she tells him that she thinks Venus threatens her friendship with Gina, Rick points out that people can in fact have more than 1 friend.  It seemed as if that did sink in a bit with Gamble.  She then told Rick that when she had a one to one conversation with Gina at the party, that Gina told her she was high maintenance and paranoid.  Gamble then told us that Paranoia is a mental condition that means you’re crazy
Elsewhere, Venus and James are also having date night and she tells James that she is very excited about her sisters upcoming wedding.  Venus tells us that she took part in raising Rebecca who is quite a bit younger than herself, and that she almost feels as though she should be mother of the bride.  They then begin talking about Gamble and what happened at Janet’s party. James said that she felt Gamble was a little disrespectful and that she had an agenda which was coming to attack Venus.  Venus said that when Gamble asked if James was a member of the House of Lords she realised that Gamble was suggesting that James’ Title was not genuine.  James then said that Gamble is just uneducated. He also said that she will learn in time as that he’s sure that Venus will teach her and perhaps she can begin by teaching Gamble where England is situated on a map. Ouch!

Venus then tells us that she is unsure if Gamble has had a Tertiary education, but she’s certain that Gamble doesn’t know much about Lord and Lady Titles. Venus said that she would never behave that way and James suggested that Gamble is probably jealous of her friendship with Gina.  Venus also said that if Gamble continues with her current behaviour she will be regret it.  She also told James that Gina referred to him as precious.  James didn’t seem concerned about that whereas Venus indicated that she was bothered by it.
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We then meet Paris who works for Lydia and takes care of her marketing, admin and personal assistant duties. Paris has arranged for Lydia to meet with 3 interns as kitchen hands to assist her with her cooking classes.  We then see Lydia interview Rob, Fatima and Anna who really didn’t know very much about Lydia but they must be very qualified as she hired them all.
Gamble and Gina then meet to have another conversation about their friendship.  They agree that at some point each of their interactions started to become toxic.  Gamble said she thought it began at her wedding.  So, in case you haven’t heard this a million times already, Gina left early the night before the wedding to be with her sons and  watch herself on Celebrity Apprentice. Gamble was not happy about that and long story short, the other women gave Gina a bit of a hard time at the wedding for upsetting Gamble the night before. Gina felt Gamble should have spoken directly to her and Gamble was upset by the articles written about her in Judge Gina’s column.  Gina again said that she did not write the articles and perhaps the things that were written were the perceptions of the writers.  Gina then tells us that she thinks Gamble sees things in a simple fashion and gets confused if there are multiple limbs to a story.
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Gamble then asked Gina to tell her what she thinks the problem is between them.  Gina says that Gamble has been whingeing about her to the other girls and therefore she didn’t want Gamble at her dinner.  However, Gamble defended herself by saying the only thing she whinged about was not being invited to that dinner, so we find ourselves in a catch 22 situation so far.

Gamble went on to say that Gina wanted to talk to the others to tell them what she felt were their problems, but Gina said they didn’t discuss Gamble until her flowers arrived.  Gina told Gamble she thought the flowers that she sent were a pre-meditated act and if she ever did that again, the friendship between them would be over.    The dialogue that followed was bizarre but I’ll let you decide for yourself.

Gina: “what is wrong with you, are you mad, really?”
Gamble: “am I mad now?”
Gina: “are you mad?”.
Gamble: “thank you so much, you’re calling me insane!’
Gina replies “no I’m not. I just said that you were mad. What is wrong with you? Seriously, now you’re telling me that I just called you insane.  You used the word insane and I’m challenging you on it”.
I just love Gina but surely she was aware that she was gaslighting Gamble at that point.
Gamble: “you called me paranoid the other night “
Gina:” but you are paranoid! and you’re all over the place”.
Gamble: “I am not all over the place, that’s BS”
Gina then told us that Gambles head is all over the place and she isn’t making any sense and also needs to eat a sandwich. I then question the editing. Mad is another word for ‘insane’. However, Gina was telling us Gamble was not making any sense, which in itself isn’t making sense of the scene I just watched. Your thoughts?
Gamble said that she is over it.
Gina: “what are you angry about, that you’re married, you’ve got a home, what is the anger about?  – What has happened to you to make you angry  – and you’re over it – and you’re not putting up with it now… and you’re just going to be a bitch now, why?”
Gamble: “because you’re a bitch sometimes too”.
Gina “so what?!”.  At that point I nearly fell of my chair laughing not only at the absurd dialogue but also because Gina appeared in a matter of fact fashion, to take ownership of being told she can be a bitch.  As Gamble mentioned last season, Gina is a tough cookie but that is also one of the reasons why so many people follow and admire her.
Gamble then tells us that Gina railroads the conversation not allowing her to get a word in as she swings her dick around. The poor girl was so frustrated which made me feel a little guilty about laughing so much.
Gamble says she wants to stop fighting and Gina tells her that she thinks that even though they love each other, they clash a little bit.
Then Gamble apologises to Gina.
She explains to us she wants to salvage their friendship. Gamble also invited Gina to Luke’s 21st and gave Gina an invitation to pass on to Venus.  Gamble said she had not expected her gift to Janet to effect Venus the way that it did.

Next, Venus met with her sister Rebecca at the florist to talk about her flowers for her upcoming wedding.  Rebecca admitted to Venus that she hasn’t been wearing her engagement ring because she is unsure about getting married and unsure if her fiancé is the right choice for her life partner.  Venus is very understanding of Rebecca and lets her know that she will support her in whatever she decides.

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We then see Gamble preparing for Luke’s big 21st birthday party. She tries to convince him to wear the fairy wings she has picked out for him but he doesn’t seem willing. Gamble then shares a really intimate moment with us that should reduce even the toughest person to tears. She explains that she is determined to show Luke how loved and supported he is at his coming of age party.  She breaks down into tears as she tells us that she wants Luke’s mother (deceased) to rest in peace knowing that he has had a nice sending off into his adulthood.

We then see Sally at home asking her two sons to help her pick an outfit for Luke’s party.  She shows her proud motherly side when her son tells her that he knows the theme “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” is a play by Shakespeare. She explains to us that the 3 of them depend on one another, more so now since her husband Ian passed away.

Back at the party, Gamble is welcoming Australian singer and songwriter Jason Singh as he sets up to perform that night.  Gamble looks beautiful in her fairy costume and seems rather excited about the night ahead.

What could possibly go wrong?

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The next scene is at the party that evening. All the girls have arrived and are having a great time dancing and sharing a few drinks.  They all look gorgeous in their Fairy outfits. Venus is really pleased she was invited and she presents Gamble with small Persian handcrafted gift box in the hope that it might forge a connection with Gamble.

After the cake is brought out and speeches are given, we see Janet having a conversation with Gamble and Sally telling them that she has just been told by ‘someone’ at the party, that Venus has airdropped about 40 or 50 of their photos of Sally and Gamble onto her own phone without that person’s permission.  She goes on to say that the photos of them are not particularly flattering photos.

Creepy much?

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The girls are puzzled about why she would want photos of them and Sally tells us that it is an invasion of their privacy. Janet tells them that her intuition is setting off alarm bells about Venus.

They then approach Venus who is standing with the other women. Gamble asks her why she would have photos of them in her phone.  Janet tells Venus that she knows that she has these photos of Gamble and Sally.  Gamble elaborates explaining that the accusation is that she has taken these photos without the person’s permission.  Venus denies this, but Janet tells her she doesn’t believe her, and asks her to prove it.  Gamble says the source of this accusation is a very trustworthy person but Venus tells them not to believe everything they hear.  Venus says she doesn’t have to prove anything and that she won’t show them her phone as it’s an invasion of her privacy, but Janet repeats she doesn’t believe her.  Gina convinces Venus to let her look at her photos, and after she scrolls through them she then tells the other women that there are no photos of them in Venus’ phone.  Jackie then asks Venus to show Gina her WhatsApp to prove that there are no photos.  Gina takes a look at WhatsApp and although she could not see any photos of the girls, she could see that something had been sent from “Rob” to her phone.  Venus walked off saying that she was going to leave.

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At this point we are all wondering who ‘Rob’ is? It is my understanding that the ‘Rob’ in question is part of the production team.  He is responsible for taking photographs of the women’s homes to ensure that everything is left the same way that it was found after filming takes place. Therefore, as Venus is part of the cast, isn’t it plausible that Rob may have sent her photos of herself? On the other hand, if Venus did airdrop the other ladies photos without Rob’s permission, it would definitely be an invasion of their privacy at the very least.

We also wonder what types of photos he might be privy to?  If he is there before filming takes place he may catch the women before they are dressed and glammed up.  Could that be what they are worried about and what Janet referred to as not “flattering’?  Or, could it be something they were doing when the photos were taken?

Jackie says that she is feeling anxious and the others are left questioning why she would want the photos.  At that point Venus returns and Gamble suggested that she went away to delete something from her phone. They ask her again if she took the photos and also if Rob sent her photos of the others and she denied everything.  Venus suggests they are suspicious because they are tired from having a late night but Gamble tells her that isn’t true and they’re wide awake.  Gamble walks away saying that she is very suspicious. We finish up with Gamble telling us that she thinks it’s a bunch of BS and that Venus has been busted!

I would love to read your thoughts so please add them to the comments below.  I’d also like to wish everyone a happy and safe Christmas.

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