Van Helsing(S02E11) "Be True"

Alright, I was not expecting for this to happen, it literally took me by surprise that the certain character did this to himself. I feel like things will be a lot more interesting I think that’s what I want to say after this episode. But I guess we will have to wait and find out if I’m right.

So with this episode we saw the past with Sam (Christopher Heyerdahl) and Mohammad (Trezzo Mahoro) and I gotta say seeing Mohammad being the same way as we had first met him in season 1 was really nice. Seeing him with that big kind heart always looking out for everyone else before himself. I have to say though, Mohammad has been one of my favorite characters all this time, I think it’s been his bravery and courage that has made me really like this character and admire him in a way. Like sure we all love Vanessa the main character of the show, but it sometimes takes me a very long time to really like a side character. But ever since I saw Mohammad in the first episode of season 1, I don’t know what it is about this character but he has become one of my most favorites.

In present time, I really had a bad feeling that something was going to happen to our beloved Mohammad. But at the same time I wasn’t sure if it really was going to happen, when we see Mohammad being taken care of by Cara (Emily Haine) I really thought that she was just going to leave him to die and choose his choice for him. And make all of us hate her guts, but instead Cara chose to do the right thing and help Mohammad out. Even if that ended up being the last good thing that she did at least she will know that she helped out such a great guy.

Now Vampire Sam (Christopher Heyerdahl) like how I have said before is creepy as hell. I mean he literally has this whole human farm thing going on at the house he used to live in as a child. Talk about not letting go of the past, I mean sure not everyone has a great past especially when your being taken care of by a priest. But it doesn’t mean when you turn into a vampire you go on a revenge frenzy of a past you can’t let go of. Speaking of not being able to let go of the past, Sam literally keeps trying to remind Mohammad about them being friends when I feel like Sam doesn’t truly understand the true meaning of the word friend. Like Sam even admits that Mohammad is his only friend which is understandable because Sam isn’t the greatest person or vampire to be around. I mean look at the parts of the past that they showed for Mohammad and Sam meeting with Mohammad saved Sam’s life. Sam was planning to kill Mohammad, but instead chose to use Mohammad to his own gain. And Mohammad did the same or did he only tell Sam what he wanted to hear, guess we wont know or will we?

But when Mohammad killed himself I was literally jaw dropped shocked, cause like I said he’s one of my favorite characters. Seeing my favorite character die is literally heart breaking; and think about what Vanessa is going to feel when she sees Mohammad turned all because of Sam not allowing Mohammad to do sepuku. Yes I used Japanese reference’s of the old ways of suicide, don’t judge me, part of my heritage is Japanese. But now that Mohammad is turned to vampire maybe he will do the right thing and kill Sam and then hunt down Vanessa to get turned back. But I guess we will see!

We have two episodes left people then we have to wait for Season 3 which might I say whoop, whoop!

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