Erased (S01E10) "Episode 10"

Satoru wakes up, again, and starts to regain his memory – but not before the killer can surreptitiously get close to him; in an episode that works towards the finale, but also has its fair share of pacing issues and a weak subplot.

Satoru wakes up after passing out, but he did more than just pass out – he slipped into another coma, this time for over a year. He resumes his rehabilitation, and is once again visited by Kenya. Desperate to regain his memory by finding Airi, he overcomes his weak muscles and bravely goes searching for her (in crutches) – along the way, he encounters the road from the first episode, and when he sees a can crushed by a truck, he regains his memory regarding ‘Rebirth’, and a lot of the memories since then; but still can’t remember the identity of the killer. Towards the end of the episode, he and Kumi (who has had her operation, but still spends some time at the medical facility) decide to go on the annual camp organized by the hospital. It is a mixer of sorts, for all the patients, and while en route we get a glimpse of the van behind, which holds Satoru’s mom and some doctors/nurses, and is driven by Gaku Yashiro…

Earlier in the episode we got a chance to see Yashiro. He’s since changed his surname, and is now a local councilman, who also supports the hospital. At the news of Satoru’s awakening, a burning desire of Yashiro’s has been reignited, and he wishes nothing more than to reach Satoru, and fill the void inside him.

There wasn’t much to this episode, which I didn’t really like. It didn’t feel like anything major happened, and certain scenes were definitely dragged out, or unnecessary. I think they introduced Yashiro way too early, and it would have been impactful to end on his return; and the scene with Kenya and Sawada was completely unnecessary, and as of right now their subplot hasn’t yielded anything fruitful, to the point where I wonder whether it’s going to play any role in solving the case.

Conversely, I really enjoyed the scene where Satoru is both professionally discouraged and personally encouraged by the doctor about going out for a walk on his own – it was a pretty inspirational dialogue, and it emphasized the strength and capability of the human-will to defy expectations and rise to new heights, or overcome obstacles. I liked that.

The final two episodes are sure to take place at this camp, which is near Mt. Fuji. I assume it will be a relatively isolated place, and I’m certain Yashiro will have something nasty planned. This is leading to a new ending for me, as the ending of the anime takes place in the hospital, not too long after Satoru first awakens, so I’m very excited.

Side Thoughts and Observations:

  • Baka Nano count: 11 (unchanged).
  • They’ve really made Yuki Furukawa (older Satoru) look super skinny. He looks beefier in real life, so either he had to starve himself – or they did some editing – for the show. It’s great though, and it really makes the idea that he’s been in a 15-year coma seem believable.
  • Gaku Yashiro was terrifying at the end, when he was gratingly chewing on candy while driving the vehicle. It gave me PTSD from Episode 8…