Erased (S01E11) "Episode 11"

There is surprisingly little to discuss regarding this episode, but it concludes at the precipice of the final confrontation between Satoru and the killer.

Episode 11 gives us a glimpse at the activities of the camp, and more screen-time for the adorable Kumi, but mainly shows the scheming of Satoru, Sawada, and Kenya, as they try to lure the killer into admitting his crimes. We are shown that Satoru regained his entire memory in the last episode, and has been plotting to bring Yashiro to justice with Kenya. Meanwhile, Yashiro also plans to kill Kumi and frame Satoru for it, and when he realises that Satoru has most probably regained his memory, he feels even more alive; relying on his fallback – which involves directly luring Satoru towards the perilous bridge introduced earlier in the episode.

The episode ends just moments before the fireworks display, and if the trailer for the series is anything to show, there will be more than fireworks exploding on the bridge in the finale. I’m excited for this – and I wonder whether Satoru will make it out of this encounter alive (hopefully he doesn’t enter another 15-year coma; that would be ridiculous).

Frankly, while not much really happened this episode, we were shown an entirely different, refreshing, and beautiful setting. The camp-grounds near Mt. Fuji are spectacular, and the lake and surrounding forest make for a wonderfully shot episode, as well as an isolated location where Satoru can have his final confrontation with not-so-nice-guy-anymore-actually-he’s-a-sadistic-as*hole-and-he-kills-children-for-fun Gaku Yashiro.

I do think that it was a waste to show so much of Yashiro and his intentions/activities/thoughts, however. I feel as though it would have been more suspenseful only to show his notes and mobile messages – it would have left us in the dark with regards to his side of the cat-and-mouse game they’re playing. Nevertheless, I genuinely thought Kumi had been kidnapped by Yashiro in the woods and, much to my relief, it was just Sawada (who throughout the series has been intentionally designed to look like the killer). There was also a nice flashback to the doctor’s words about the human-will, and I felt joy at each purposeful step Satoru took this episode – although I’ll admit that I got a bit tired of seeing him struggle through the woods in crutches. I really do think that episodes should have stuck to about 25 minutes for the adaptation. They would have had to use time more economically, and remove some of the mild filler-content which created pacing issues or simply bland moments
Anyway, I really hope Satoru and his mother are given positively pleasant endings. They’ve been through a lot, and Satoru has put his life on the line (multiple times) to provide happy endings for his friends. He only deserves the best. Let’s see what happens…

OH, AND I FORGOT TO WISH YOU ALL A MERRY CHRISTMAS OR HAPPY HOLIDAY YESTERDAY – sorry, but I hope the 25th was great for everyone!

Side Thoughts and Observations:

  • Baka Nano count: 11 (unchanged; I’d really just love one more – come on, one for each episode plsssss).
  • In one of the bungalows, Yashiro brings out some coal, water, sleeping pills, and other assorted psychopath-related items. Even though it now seems that he won’t be able to use them, I’d still say the items qualify for the 2017 Serial-Killer Starter Pack – don’t try this at home kids.