Van Helsing(S02E12): "Crooked Falls"

So once again we have another amazing episode! But we also had some losses in this episode one in which made me sad, I’m starting to think that the certain character who felt loss in this episode is not meant to ever be happy again. But overall it was a great episode and I will get to that loss in a little bit.

So with this episode we learned that Julius (Aleks Paunovic) is still alive and that ferals have apparently being trying to turn him back into a vampire but haven’t had much luck doing so. I gotta say with Julius not showing his face for like two or so episodes I was getting a little worried there but now that we know he’s alive again we can expect some bad ass moments coming from him in future episodes.

Of course not everyone was happy at first to see Doc (Rukiya Bernard) though but we fans are always happy to see Doc or maybe I should say Sarah since thats apparently her real name. But now that we know her real name I’m still gonna call her Doc cause thats the name we are all used to calling her. Speaking of Doc, it looks like Doc is liking Scarlett (Missy Peregrym) and Vanessa’s (Kelly Overton) mom or is she their mother. We had one person who lied about that title, but I think this woman is telling the truth. I guess we will see sooner or later or next episode.

The more and more I see Scarlett on the show though, the more and more I’m loving her character but I’m that way with all of the characters even Scarhead (Teach Grant) which thats what I’m curious about, how in the hell did he get out of that facility? Was there a scene that I missed or something that revealed his escape from the facility that he was being kept at with Vanessa?
And with ferals becoming smarter on this show, its gonna make them harder to kill. I guess they would have to make them smarter to make the show continue and to continue making it interesting. But do you think that the vampire’s bodies will evolve? Like nails grow hundred inches, mouths splitting open in four ways with a tongue that stretches like hundreds of miles with an extra eye at the end? I know I have a weird imagination.

But the loss in todays episode that broke my heart but it’s okay, she will go on to my bad ass women list who have died on this show. Lucky (Andrea Ware) I think your death has to be one of the deaths that will always stay with me forever! Like watching Lucky at that scene when she died tugged at my heart strings a whole lot. Rest in peace Lucky you deserved a better end than being eaten and blown to your death but in all honesty though, I never thought Lucky would die this season, I always thought they would’ve had her for like another season and then kill her off. But she was a badass!

So my readers, next week we have the season finale of Season 2 and then we have to wait probably until October 2018 for Season 3 but you know we the fans will always wait for epic stories to be told through this series because it is just an amazing series!

Next Episode: Van Helsing(S02E13): “Black Days” airs Thursday January 4, 2018 at 9/8c on SYFY Channel