Mary Kills People "Season One Overview"

Since a season two is soon to hit our screens, I am doing a quick overview of the first season of this groundbreaking series. I wasn’t sure what to make of this show when it first came out, but it quickly turned into one of my favourites. It’s a fascinating look into the right to choose death.

Mary Kills People is a Canadian made show that brings doctor assisted-suicide to the forefront. Being such a controversial topic, this sheds a new light to the subject. Sparking the debates whether people should choose their outcomes, especially when a lengthy and terminal illness is at play.

We are introduced to Mary (Caroline Dhavernas), a single mother and a ER doctor at a local hospital. With her partner Des (Richard Short), a former plastic surgeon (and drug addict), they are able to bring peace into the lives of people who are at their worst. Their hearts are in the right place, even though the law may be against their methods. An investigation has been launched into their lucrative practice and their world is about to implode in on them.

Mary finds that it is becoming harder to keep her double lives separate from each other, no matter what she does they seem to overlap, which leads to inevitable drama and conflict. When an ailing patient named Ben (Jay Ryan) turns out to be an undercover officer, it throws her world though a loop, especially when she develops a dysfunctional relationship with the man.
These Angel’s of Death seem to have the odds stacked against them. It certainly makes this show a force to be reckoned with. The premise is unlike any other and the actors come together beautifully to bring this story to life. It is something that is still shrouded in darkness, having a show like this brings the very real issues to light.

Taking on “mini series” status, there are only 6 episodes in each season, which isn’t nearly enough when the stories are so diverse and the cast is well placed. This is one of those rare gems that is so easily passed by.

Between vicious drug dealers and the police breathing down their necks, it brings forth some intense moments in their journey to help others die with their dignity still in tact.

There are provocative secrets plaguing each character, and it’s interesting to see them face down their inner demons.  Mary and her younger sister Nicole (Charlotte Sullivan) witnessed the decline of their ill mother, this is when Mary’s fasination with death began. Taking matters into her own hands, it set her down a path she would never recover from.

The new season will find Mary delving deeper into the drug world in order to find a regular supply of the highly lethal “death drug”, pentobarbital. With her two identites on a constant collision course, she won’t be able to keep her secrets hidden for long. A mysterious woman who seems to have ties to Mary’s past has surfaced and is in need of their aid. Six episodes isn’t nearly enough to untangle this web she has so expertly weaved.

You can catch Mary Kills People airing its second season on Wednesday, January 3rd on Global in Canada. In Spring of 2018 it will return to Lifetime in the US.

Photo: IMDB