Lucifer (S03E11) "City of Angels?"

Welcome to 2018, people! Not even a whole day after we entered the New Year, the Lucifer gang got us in for a treat. And what a treat that was! The funniest episode of the season so far, “City of Angels?” is a kind of origin story, and shows us how were Lucifer’s first days in L.A. after leaving Hell. Directed by Mark Tonderai and written by Jenny Kao and Jason Ning, this episode gets an A-.

Written as an origin story, it takes us back to Lucifer’s first days in L.A., which seem to us as far in the past as the time when Lucifer’s white suit and the bell bottom pants were in fashion. But let’s not shame him for that, he hadn’t visited in a while. The episode begins with Lucifer living his life as he likes after a change of clothes, having pleasure with women and a dude when Amenadiel (ever the party pooper) shows up in order to take the devil back to Hell. Wanting to “say his goodbyes”, Lucifer manages to buy himself some more time on Earth. Wanting to explore, Amenadiel (still wearing his dress, no, robe) witnesses, to some extent, a murder, and is mugged himself, being shot and having his necklace taken away.

Wanting his necklace back and worried the humans might discover its divinity, Amenadiel seeks help from the Police, and may I say, weirdly dressed, files a report with the help of guess who… Officer Chloe Decker! Yes, you read correctly, Officer Decker. Bear in mind that this is a flashback episode, and Decker is still an Officer wanting to be a Detective and is still married to Detective Douche… I mean, Daniel. Back to the crime, after filing Amenadiel’s report, Chloe links what the angel said happened with a murder scene found by her then-husband Dan. At the same time, Amenadiel asks Lucifer for help but ends up making a deal with Lucifer, and promising him he could ask for anything at the time of his choosing. After getting a Corvette without a key (yeah, he seems to be able to turn almost anything on), Lucifer and his brother go after a woman he recognized by the boobs on a photo they saw on TV with the man who was killed, MMA fighter Aiden Scott, the porn star Misty Canyons. No wonder Lucifer recognized her. He is such a fan!

Here is worth noticing that Amenadiel was confused with the male star of the porn film, and that gives us an insanely funny scene. Interrogations of Misty Canyons by Lucifer and Amenadiel and Aiden’s trainer Gil by Officer Decker (separate investigations) lead both parties to Rico’s, the place where the fights happen. Rico’s is the place we now know as Lux. Chloe ends up arresting one of Tio’s thugs, being Tio the man responsible for the fights, based on the fact that Aiden was murdered because he refused to throw his fight in order for himself, Tio and other to make a lot of money. Lucifer and Amenadiel manage to get Tio captive, and Lucifer brings Mazikeen from hell in order to torture the man. And let’s just say she didn’t necessarily torture him. We also see Chloe talking to Charlotte Richards before being Mom trying to get information for the investigation, and we are toasted to a great fighting scene between Amenadiel and Lucifer, redefining the expression “fighting your demons”.

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As Lucifer and Amenadiel later find out, Aiden Scott was killed by his trainer Gil by mistake (to some extent) and manage to find Amenadiel’s necklace. Gil then gets arrested by Chloe and Dan, and the case is closed.

Having written more than usual about the episode, I must say it was needed. The episode works well as an origin story, and it answers a fair number of questions about what happened when Lucifer left Hell and came to the City of Angels. First and most importantly, we know how the devil managed to stay on Earth despite Amenadiel’s efforts to take him back, by cashing in a blank check, so to speak, after making a deal with his brother and helping him get his necklace back. We also get to see Lux before it became Lucifer’s club as a kind of fighting club called Rico’s, and why Lucifer likes pianos that much and decides to have one at Lux. We also discover that Mazikeen is brought to Earth by Lucifer to assist on a torture, following him through the Gates of Hell and staying on Earth with him, as previously stated in the series.

“City of Angels?” has to be one of the funniest episodes of the series, if not the funniest. From puns to well-written jokes and hilarious sequences, like Lucifer training Amenadiel to be worse at fighting and be weaker and “more human”, the episode can make one laugh from start to end. On the other side, the real and deep moments, although not many, were also well-written, especially the fight between Lucifer and Amenadiel and their deal that allowed Lucifer to stay on Earth. The cast makes this transition between intense and really funny moments really well all through the series. It’s also worth talking about the Lucifer and Chloe moment. Yes, they didn’t know each other then and didn’t interact, but there was a scene in which they were literally side by side a Rico’s (later Lux) and you could feel some tension, also felt by Lucifer, who turns his head and looks like if he had seen a ghost or something.

As many shows don’t return until next week or even next month, this episode felt even more like a treat from all who work on the show. From the explanation of how Lucifer managed to stay up here on Earth, how he got the Corvette, how he got Lux, how Chloe got the Detective job, how Mazikeen was brought to L.A., and how Charlotte was known to the police before all happened to the final scene in which we see a reluctant Mazikeen visibly crying and struggling while cutting out Lucifer’s wings, this episode is very well written and it’s my favorite of the season, joint with “Vegas with Some Radish”. It fills some voids we had, as well as adding new things to the storyline. I also just wanted to express my hopes that just like Candy (Lindsey Gort), Misty Canyons (Taylor Black) becomes a regular character. I like both characters very much, and although Misty Canyons seem to only be connected to this episode’s case, I feel like she could be a good character. But again, it’s just my opinion. It was also nice to see Season 1 Lucifer again; there’s something about him that just doesn’t feel the same with the Season 2 or Season 3 Lucifer.

Lucifer is back in 3 weeks, and I’ll be here to review it! Take care, little demons! I’ll see you around!