Mary Kills People (S02E01) "The Means"

The death dealer with a heart of gold is back, and business has been good. As long as there is suffering in the world there is no stopping Mary’s (Caroline Dhavernas) mission. Although it’s becoming increasingly harder to find the precious liquid death, she will stop at nothing to obtain the death drug for her ailing patients.

Des (Richard Short) has served his time and is ready to rejoin society, he has a lot to catch up with and is eager to get back to “normal”, although the life they lead is far from that. While Des was wasting away behind bars, Mary was flourishing, seeming to do better on her own. With a bit of convincing, they are back in business together. Onward to the next death.

They are met with a moral conundrum when an ailing man and his wife decide to die together. Although Mary seems keen to adhere to their wishes, despite the wife being healthy, it doesn’t sit well with Des. Ending a life when someone is in dire need, well there is righteousness to that, but to end a healthy persons life, that is murder. Conflicted, Mary agrees to medicate only the ailing husband. The wife, not wanting to live a moment without him takes matters into her own hands, jumping off the balcony to the street below.

Des and Mary seem to be going in two very different directions. While he wants to get back to the way things used to be, she has evolved in her thinking and wants to cut all ties. Even with the sacrifices he made for her, she is ruthless in her thinking and will not take no for an answer. Although she is trying so hard to juggle her time between her family, work and her booming side job, it’s sure to catch up to her.

Des has a run in with a mysterious woman at the bar, Olivia (Rachelle Lefevre). Things escalated quickly as they often do, but when a night of passionate sex ends with a demand to kill her husband, things take a turn for the worse. Their secret has been altered, and instead of being “end of life” counselors, people believe that they are hitmen.

Mary decides to take matters into her own hands and confronts Olivia, which causes more trouble than either expected. It seems as though the dead, friendly neighborhood drug dealer had a sister. Neither women seem to be ones to back down, so it will be interesting to see where the story takes them. Having these strong female characters brings a different dynamic to the show.

Life is less than perfect, and over the very short span of 8 months so much has changed for everyone in the world of Mary. All her choices are trickling down, impacting other areas of her life. She is walking a perilous line and if she’s not careful it will all come crashing down.

Mary Kills People airs on Global (Canada) every Wednesday at 9/8c

Photo: Screenshot taken by author of review