The Gifted (S01E11) “3 X 1”

This week The Gifted returned to our tv screens after a short break for the holidays, and it certainly seems they writers have saved the best bits for the end of the season. We learn even more about The Stepford Cuckoo’s, though it appears as though they are sticking with three instead of five like in the comics. Their powers certainly haven’t been dumbed down, making them worthy adversaries to The Mutant Underground.

However, it isn’t yet time for that conflict to truly develop, as the Cuckoo’s are still trying to recruit whoever they can from the Underground into The Hellfire Club. This organization has been mentioned previously, but for fans who may not know, The Hellfire Club was one of the X-Men’s fiercest enemy groups. From a casual observers perspective, it seems like a club for the wealthy elite, but in reality they are quite sinister. It consisted of many members, but most notably Emma Frost, Sabastian Shaw, Phoenix, and of course Magneto.

It was a smart move by the writers to chose the Hellfire Club as the heroes villain group, as this will give them a lot of characters to play with in the future. Currently the Cuckoo’s are focusing on Polaris and the Strucker Siblings, the heaviest hitters on the good guys roster. Losing either would certainly be a serious blow to the Underground, unless the rest follow suit. That however is unlikely, as many of them do not agree with the Club’s philosophies.

Many of the mutants may not have the luxury of being stubborn, with Dr.Campbell doing anything he can to capture more mutants to use in his experiments. On top of that, a group named The Purifiers has emerged, leaving our protagonists not much wiggle room as far as allegiances go. At least the Purifiers seem to be just average Joes trying to cause trouble, an issue much easier to deal with than brainwashed mutants who can now combine powers.

The biggest question of the series still remains; where are the X-Men, and are they ever coming back? It would be awesome to see a few old faces show up even for just a brief moment to help our fledglings. It will be interesting now that Disney has purchased Fox, and with that the rights to all of the mutants. How will this effect the show in quality? Or will they let it be, allowing it to continue down the fantastic path it is on? At this point only time will tell.