The Good Place (S02E7/8) "Chapter 20: Janet and Michael"/"Chapter 21: Derek (Fall Finale)"

“Chapter 20: Janet and Michael”

As Michael figures out why Janet is glitching, we learn how both Michael and Janet first met.

“Janet and Michael” might be one of the most humorist and emotional episode of the season as we learn about Michael and Janet’s past while Michael figures out what is wrong with Janet and why she’s glitching.

Michael puts it all together that Janet’s glitches are caused from lying, mostly about her feelings for Jason. Janet tells Michael the only way to fix it was to have her self-destruct. Michael tries but comes up with excuses for doing so and doesn’t. But Michael gives one of the best heartfelt moments as he tells Janet that he wouldn’t do it because she’s his friend.

Michael thinks of another way, this time sending Janet to Eleanor for her help. Eleanor advises Janet on a rebound relationship and turns out Janet made her own boyfriend, Derek, who happens to be not in a good mental state and gets easily distracted.
“Janet and Michael” was an excellent episode with such wit and emotions. Both Janet and Michael both shown a lot of character growth, mostly Michael in this episode, as he opens up his true feels for Janet as a friend. The writing of this episode was solid along with the performances from Danson and Carden. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

“Chapter 21: “Derek”

In the fall finale, Michael tries to fix the Janet and Derek issue, but comes with another surprise.

After meeting Derek, Michael gets Tahani and Jason away on a nice vacation, but later decides to get married. When news comes from Janet about the wedding to Michael, Eleanor and Chidi, they try to stop it and get Derek and Jason mad at each other.

After things were resolved, Janet takes care of Derek and is gone. Later, Eleanor, who still has the tape of her and Chidi sleeping together, finally decides to tell Chidi about it, but he response that he doesn’t love her in this iteration.

But after another warming moment for Michael, learning that he’s becoming a human being from Eleanor, he gets a surprise visit from Shawn.

“Derek” was another really strong episode. Great performance from the cast and even the writing was so strong and witty and not to mention leaving with a nice surprise visit from Shawn. Overall, I give this episode a 8.5/10.

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