NCISNOLA (S04E11) "Monster"

It’s a high speed chase. The white pick up is trapped. Front & back; he’s surrounded & there’s no way out. The driver puts his hands up. Yet, before he can exit the vehicle,  from the flat bed, a shooter arises with a “gatlin gun” an automatic weapon. He’s mowing down one & all, sweeping! It was an ambush; massacre. Many are down, bleeding & may be dead. The truck speeds away.


Marcus Tyrell (Oliver Keller) is a dishonorably discharged Petty Officer & a bad guy.  It was a robbery that caused the chase & his prints were found at the scene. Really?! 👆 “L ” on the forehead.

The team traces him to a freightyard. Marcus pulls a weapon to shoot out. He’s killed by Willard Kurtz (Dylan Kenin) a notorious arms dealer & the master mind. Uh?!

Kurtz professes to be on the side of the good guys. Although he’s on “America’s Most Wanted”  right?!  He claming undercover, drops his weapon and goes with the team quietly. Oh. He shot Tyrell in the back!

Sonja looks up an old comrade, ATF agent, Jake Roman (L. Steven Taylor) for info. He sounds like & looks like Denzel. He’s a tall drink of water…or Sonja is just too short!  He promises to ” get back with her” He’s busy right now working; watching.

Meanwhile, while back at the NCIS, Agent Sutter (Amy Rutberg) from the CIA comes to pick up Kurtz.  “He’s theirs” Pride refuses, his bosses call him, he let’s him go.

Returning to the freightyard are Chris & Sebastian.  They find a Predator Drone in one of the crates. With weapons drawn, Denzel, “er Jake stops them.  They’re taken off the case. Above their pay grade 

Sonja, not going with the flow, 🏊 & slighty annoying me in this arc, once again complains in fear; they’ll go off book. She’s told to go home.  She does.

Jake visits Sonja.  He seems…shady by the way; albeit handsome but shady. They get naked & get busy. My thoughts? Where is Gregorio?  
He calls her Bonnie. She calls him Clyde, endearing their past. Cute, until I can get Persalle “home alone” this will do. 

Jake gets a text, Percy reads it “Colosses is up” …& up go her spidey senses. She tells the team. No apology necessary.

Kurtz stabs Sutter #doublecross takes the Predator Drone, shoots up a safehouse & gets away with his wife, Claire (Kate Abbruzzese)  It seems the CIA, has been holding her as Leverage, so that Kurtz is at the guvment’s beck & call. Jake Roman is a part of this “security” detail. 

NCIS now has authority to pursue the fugitive from Vance, (remember from NCIS -Harmon?) since Kurtz killed his handler.

So who was the Monster?! To catch a monster,  be the monster, eh? I don’t know.

Maybe that’s what Jake wants to find out. Although he was “just doing his job” it apparently sat ill with him. He resigned, maybe to search for the hero…or monster within. 

I didn’t particularly like this episode. It didn’t have the pop, twist, edges & fun, like the others. It had little mystery #predictable & I didn’t care about the characters.

However, Gregorio has bangs (cute) & Percy letting her hair down (cute) literally. She also let it down on another occasion…figuratively 😉 and that was, a’ite too! 👊 

NCIS N’AWLINS airs, Tuesdays @10 p.m. Pacific Time