Real Housewives Of Melbourne (S04E05) "Sally Can’t Wait"

Reality TV fans hope that story lines are turned up a few notches by mid-season, and this episode has all the drama they are looking for.  The episode begins at home with Venus and her sister Rebecca.  We learn that Rebecca has broken up with her fiancé and they are waiting to meet with their father to break the news to him. Gina arrives and offers some encouraging words to Rebecca, and tells us that she feels like a big sister to Venus so these feelings naturally flow down to Rebecca.

Venus and Rebecca were both anxious waiting for their father to arrive so Gina lightened the mood as only she can with a joke;
“did you know men are like tiles?  If you lay them right the first time, you can walk all over them for years”.

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While talking about the demise of Rebecca’s relationship, Gina shared that she met her first husband in year 12 and was married at age 22, and then met her second husband at 24.

Gina then tells us that you can’t go into a marriage without feeling excited, and that  nobody would feel happy  knowing that the person who is committing their lives to them, is “settling”.

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When their father ‘Moji’ arrives, Rebecca explains to him that she has grown out of love with her fiancé and there will be no marriage.  Moji tells Rebecca that in matters of relationships, he can be an adviser but she remains the decision maker.  He assures Rebecca that he supports her 100% and expresses how much he loves Venus and Rebecca, declaring that they are his life.

Venus tells us that she is relieved that her father now knows and is embracing and supporting Rebecca.  She also said that they will always stick by one another no matter what the situation.  Its no wonder then that Gina asked Moji to adopt her, as I was wondering the same thing!

We then see Jackie meeting with Janet and Sally at the Garden State Hotel.  As soon as the bubbles are ordered, Jackie kicks off the conversation telling the girls that she wants to know ‘everything’.  Janet then asks Sally about her Truffle hunting date with the ‘dark side’.  Last episode, Janet warned Sally about the being snatched up by the dark side – and she was referring to Gina and Lydia.

Sally tells the girls that Venus took her aside at the Truffle hunt to talk to her about ‘photo-gate’.  She said that Venus told her that she had taken 45 photos of herself, and 5 photos of the other girls’ selfies.

Janet then indicated that she had seen the photos and she also showed them to Jackie.  Jackie said “when she pulled those photos you could have fucken hit me over the head with a baseball bat”.  Jackie said the photos she saw were of all the girls in Sam’s house (Janet’s partner).  Janet said it was spooky because they didn’t know that they were in the photos.

I’m assuming that the Producers also felt it was spooky and maybe that’s why they chose to blur the photo at the end of the last episode??  Either that, or they saw it for what it    was; – an opportunity to build suspense and create a cliff-hanger.

They told Sally there were photos of her too, and in the photos Sally was ‘just standing around’ and in her ‘house’.  Sally said she was ‘pissed off now’ because that this was the 2nd time Venus lied and now she’d have to confront her again.

Janet wanted to know if Sally had told Lydia and Gina that they were the ‘dark side’. Sally happily said that she did tell them it was Janet who had called them the ‘dark side’.  She also said that she mentioned Janet was having a bit of a joke but that Lydia was upset by it and “went on a bit of a rant about how she’s always being blamed for everything”.  She told them Lydia was saying that she was accused of trying to cause trouble between Janet and Jackie, but it was Janet that was gossiping about Jackie at the lunch that Janet had with Gina and Lydia. Sally added that she was told that when Janet called Jackie from the lunch, Jackie hung up on Janet, and there was a huge rift between Janet and Jackie.

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Janet and Jackie then mirror each other’s body language throughout this scene to indicate that they are both shocked by what Sally was telling them.

Jackie said that she doesn’t have time for this nonsense and is clearly upset, asking why Lydia is now going to Sally and talking absolute BS.  Jackie points to Janet as she said “this girl has been my true friend since day 1 and that girl is never going to have the ability to cause a rift between Janet and I”.

Jackie then tells us that she wonders why Lydia doesn’t go and get a job to be productive in society and stop gossiping about people.  She adds that she wants Lydia to “just be nice, be nice”.

Personally, I found this scene extremely difficult to watch because I think a lot of Jackie so wouldn’t like to see her hurt. From previous episodes this season it has ‘appeared’ that Janet may well have gossiped behind Jackie’s back.   However, at this point it’s still possible that even if Janet might have repeated information that she was given in confidence, she possibly didn’t do it with malice. I hope that it wasn’t deliberately nasty because it would be a devastating blow to their friendship if Janet was gossiping about Jackie behind her back.

Now that you’ve read my thoughts I’ll add that we know Jackie and Janet are still close friends from social media, so we also know that whatever was said, couldn’t have been serious.  That is the lame part of reality tv.  It doesn’t take much effort to dig up spoilers and I’m surprised Producers don’t look at that.

Sally then tells them that she is inviting all of the girls to her launch of her homewares and accessories range “Bloomfield and Webber”. She mentions that the girls will go home with goodie bags if they’re on their best behaviour. This is Sally’s first season though as a Real Housewife, so perhaps she still has much to learn about how the women behave at events!

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The next part was just ‘cringeworthy television’ and I wasn’t sure if I would even include it. Janet asked Sally if she has room for Lydia “cuz she is a largish girl, and it’s a smallish place?  Just asking… just asking alright”.  Then, Janet tells us “it’s a really sore point and it’s actually very nasty to say that but its not as nasty as making up shit.  I tell you what, she’s just getting bigger and bigger”.  Janet then puffs up her cheeks and holds her arms out to the sides as if she’s demonstrating Lydia’s size.  Apart from saying that I was appalled to watch a grown women body shame another in such a brutal and childish way, I’ll also mention that it appears Janet lost a lot of supporters on social media after this.  That’s about all the attention I want to give this.

The scene ended with Jackie telling Sally that she has been receiving information about Sally’s husband Ian who had passed away 8 months ago (at the time of filming).  Jackie offered Sally a psychic reading.  Jackie also said that she knew that Sally had been praying for signs about her husband, and she was able to confirm that he is still is around her.

In the next scene, Jackie and her husband Ben meet with event planners to make arrangements for Jackie’s much anticipated psychic tour called “Shine It Up with Jackie”.  Jackie describes it as a big party motivating men and women all over Australia, and hopefully the world. Jackie says that the show is about sharing how she created the life that she has today.  If you’re not familiar with previous seasons you may not be aware that Jackie is an incredibly gifted psychic, a very positive person in both her outlook and her behaviour, as well as and an advocate for using visualisation techniques to create the life that you want.

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Her husband who is the former drummer from Australian Rock Band Silverchair, ‘Ben” describes Jackie’s tour as “her personality in a confetti gun being shot across the room”.  Jackie says she’s a little nervous as they try to plan where they will position the stage and at that point Sally arrives. Jackie invited her to give some feedback on their plans for the tour. Khanh, ‘DJ’ and Jackie’s musical director was describing Jackie’s entrance to the stage when Sally said she was picking up an ‘Ellen” vibe.  This didn’t surprise Jackie as she said she has picked up a vibe that she will be invited to be on the Ellen show as well give Ellen a reading.  They then ran through a ‘booty-shake’ competition as well as a blindfold hugging segment of the tour and finished up with Jackie giving thanks to the Angels and the Universe for allowing them to be in that moment. A lovely scene!

Next, we go over to The Vincent in Albert Park where Gina has invited Lydia and Janet to join her. Being a cancer survivor herself, Gina tells us that she is an Ambassador for the Cancer Council of Victoria and therefore knows that sun-tanning shouldn’t be an option.  She personally loves fake tanning which is why we always see her looking a gorgeous golden brown, but also the reason why she decided to develop her own tanning range.  Gina wanted the girls will try out her tanning products while giving Lydia and Janet an opportunity to have a conversation about their festering issues.

Lydia arrived first and explained to Gina that she feels upset that Jackie and Janet are seeing her as a trouble maker and that she is sick of it and wants Jackie to be amicable with her.  She tells us that she doesn’t think that Jackie actually realises how deeply she hurt her in the last season.  Janet then arrives, and steps into the tanning tent.  While Janet is being sprayed Gina tells us about having a spray tan once before taking her sons to the park.  She said that while she was sitting and feeding the ducks a little dog walked over to her, cocked his leg and pee’d on her, leaving little trickle marks throughout her tan.  It certainly makes you wonder what fake tans smell like to dogs!

Once Janet has had her tan she said she loved that she wasn’t feeling sticky at all, that she felt completely dry and the product smells beautiful.  It also looked great.  Lydia then gets into the tanning tent and lifts her dress as she only wanted to have her legs tanned.  Lydia said that she was really impressed with how it looked and felt as well.  Gina asked them both to give her feedback about the tan so that she will know how they felt over coming days.

Gina kicks off the conversation by asking Janet if there is a problem with Jackie because she keeps hearing stories that Lydia is trying to drive a wedge between Janet and Jackie.  Lydia then asked Janet not to blame her for the things that Janet has said herself about Jackie, because whatever they heard has come from Janet.  Lydia also said that Janet told them at the lunch that things between herself and Jackie had changed a bit.  Interestingly, Janet did not deny any of this when talking to Lydia and Gina.  At that point Lydia tells us that she thinks Janet’s problem is her mouth saying too much.

Janet replied to this by telling Gina and Lydia that she is very happy that the two of them have repaired their friendship and are very close again. However, during the time that they were not speaking to each other, they both said terrible things about each other to Janet, but Janet did not repeat those things to anyone.  Gina tells us that this is true and they did say terrible things but the difference is that they don’t pretend that they have not had problems.

Janet asked them to drop this whole subject as no good could come from it and it will ‘desperately hurt’ both Jackie and Janet.  She tells us that that if they continue they will back her into a corner and she will be forced to come out punching. Lydia tells us that she is aware that no good can come from this but, Jackie has a right to know about her bestie Janet.

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Gamble goes to visit Australian Musician Jason Singh to ask for his assistance with writing a song.    Gamble shares with us that she was given a publishing deal as a singer/songwriter when she was aged 18.  She had begun writing songs when she lost hearing and because of the limited hearing she had at the time she stopped her career.  Gamble became very emotional telling us that she has not spoken to anyone about her singing career for about 20 years because it feels like she was hit in the guts.  She told Jason that getting the publishing deal was like being recognised at the time. Gamble explained to us that her eardrum itself is perfect, but the bone that vibrates the messages to the eardrum grew too strong and stiff to conduct sound to her eardrum.  Gambles husband Rick is keen for her to start singing again so she has had some surgeries and he has bought devices that are placed into her ears which allow her to hear properly again.  So, Gamble would like to perform a romantic song for Rick at their anniversary.

She performed a somewhat witty song she set to a standard blues track which I actually thought was great, but I don’t think Jason Singh or his cowriter Luke felt that it was appropriate as a love song. Gamble discussed with them the reasons why she fell in love with Rick, and they then felt they had some ideas to work with so that they could put together a song for Gamble to perform.

In the next scene Sally is at Jackie’s house to have her psychic reading. Jackie explains that Sally’s passed over husband has been coming to her and wants Jackie to do a reading.  She also said that she reads through peoples Guardian Angels and is able to feel everything that the person has gone through emotionally, spiritually and physically in life.  Jackie doesn’t remember anything after the readings so she asked Sally to write everything down.

Using Ian’s wedding ring Jackie was able to tell Sally that Ian was there and was with her brother, her grandmother.  Sally shares a little more of her story with us by telling us that her father passed away on her 30th birthday and a couple of years later her brother committed suicide.   As with all her readings, Jackie was able to pinpoint information and names that she could not have known and kept the reading a very positive experience.  She ended the reading by saying that Ian didn’t want her to grieve any longer as she grieved for him while he was still alive.

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In this episode’s final scene, the women all attend Sally’s ‘Bloomfield and Webber’ Homewares and Accessories launch.  Jackie and Janet are the first to arrive and they begin to exploring all the items in her shop.  Jackie announces that Ben is going to throw her a birthday party.  Venus arrives and begins talking about her outfit and the fact that she’s always loved Dolce and Gabbana.  Venus asks them if they have discussed photo-gate. Jackie points out that Venus looked at her when she said she didn’t have the photos. Venus explained that the reason she did not say anything was because the person who let her have the photos was afraid that he would lose his job.  Venus also said there were only about 4 photos that she wasn’t in and she deleted them straight away.  Sally said that Janet and Jackie had seen the photos and told her that Venus had photos of her house (Sally’s house).  Venus denied this and told Sally to get over it and that she wouldn’t take photos of Sally’s house.  After some discussion Jackie suggests that they move on from photo gate and Janet said “let’s put the whole photo thing to bed forever.”
Moments later, Jackie and Venus are seen laughing and bonding over what happens to women’s breasts after breastfeeding.
Gina and Lydia arrive and we are introduced to Contemporary Artists ‘Will and Garrett Huxley’ who appear to wandering around the party in costume doing bits of theatrical performance. Sally explained that she threw many parties with her late husband and he was of the opinion that adding a bit of live theatre made the events more interesting.  I agree Sally!
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Lydia walks over to the other girls and Jackie tells her she’d like to have a nice talk with her so they move to the side where they can speak privately.

Meanwhile Gamble has arrived and somehow the conversation is led to Venus who pulls out a printout of an image that Gamble has sent to a mutual friend of Venus and Gamble.  The friend was apparently concerned by text and showed Venus.  The image that Gamble sent is of a woman who has been killed by birds in Hitchcock’s movie “The Birds”.  Gamble wrote the caption “This is going to be Venus”. Venus tells Gamble off saying that she can’t send that to people that work for Venus.

Gamble claimed “it was a joke!” and Gina points out that it was not very funny.  Gamble tells us that she sent the same photo to Janet and also posted it on Twitter with different references to the photo because she loves the suit the dead woman is wearing.

Gina tells us that Gamble is at it again with her mischief and then responding with shock to peoples outraged reactions.  Gina also said to us” it was meant to be disturbing and I’m not impressed”.  Gamble then began calling Venus an idiot and Gina jumped in by pointing out that the girl who received it was disturbed.  Venus told Gamble she was hurt by it and then told us that she wants an apology from Gamble as her sense of humour is not acceptable.

In the opposite corner of the boxing ring, ooops, I mean glamorous fashion event, Jackie tells Lydia that she thinks they need to chat about a lot of things and Lydia agrees.  Jackie said she wants to move on and get things back to where they used to be. Lydia then said she’d like that because both herself and her husband Andrew were hurt by Jackie’s accusations that Lydia was cheating last season.  Jacki then added that she and Ben were extremely hurt because Lydia asked them to lie for her to Andrew.  Lydia then tells us that she asked Jackie and Ben not to answer Andrew’s phone calls and that she told them she would get back to him herself.  Lydia also told us that she would be divorced by now if she really had been unfaithful to her husband.  Lydia then said to Jackie that a lot of things were said about her ‘ruining peoples’ lives’ “and where I want to go with that is, even at this lunch, I don’t think that you’re very aware that Janet does gossip”.

Jackie then says to us that Lydia flip flops from one conversation to another and starts talking about her relationship with Janet.

Jackie who is confused, asks why Lydia is bringing up Janet.  Lydia then explained it is because she has been hearing that she is being blamed for trying to put a wedge between Jackie and Janet.  Lydia then tries to convince Jackie, that Janet was gossiping abut her but Jackie said she doesn’t believe it. Jackie asks Lydia to swear hand over heart that Janet was gossiping and Lydia does that and further tells her that Janet told her about something that happened overseas when Jackie and Ben were with Chyka and Bruce.  Jackie warns Lydia to be careful that point because she is close to those people but Lydia insists that it’s the truth so Jackie then calls Janet over.

Jackie tells Janet that Lydia has raised the issue of Janet gossiping at the lunch and apparently telling Lydia and Gina about something that happened overseas.  Lydia and Janet then began arguing and Lydia told Janet that she didn’t need to touch her but Janet said she’s really upset with her for making shit up for no good reason and is going to slap her in a minute.  Meanwhile, Jackie is standing with them trying to express how upset she is becoming.  Janet called Lydia a ‘c***’ – twice.

Jackie tells us that Lydia isn’t really interested in moving forward.  She believes Lydia is interested in hurting her.  She then tells Lydia off saying that she came to her saying that she wanted to move on but instead brought up her friend Janet who had been there for her since she met this group of women, and saying that Janet said hideous things about her is so upsetting. Jackie stated to Lydia “I’m done, I’m done” and walked out of the party.  Janet was left with Lydia and told her that all she they will now hate her.

Lydia tells us that she believes that Jackie left because she knows what Lydia said about Janet is true.

We then see Janet outside in tears looking for Jackie and saying “oh my God has she gone?”

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