Van Helsing (S02E13) "Black Days"

So, I gotta say I was not expecting what happened in this season finale to actually happen! To see what happened play out is literally making me declare this season as the best season so far! The creative team of the crew truly went above and beyond in this season and I know all of us die hard fans of this series can not wait for what comes next with Season 3 later on this year. But lets get to this review!

So with this episode, we finally met the real Abigail Van Helsing (Andee Frizzell) mother to Vanessa (Kelly Overton) and Scarlett (Missy Peregrym). It was good to finally see Van Helsing sisters mother on the series even if its only for this season. But we still have questions, like which Elder (Keith Arbuthnot) is he? And he mentioned the rise of the darker lord, so now we have to wonder what he meant by that. I always thought that the Elder was going to turn out to be Dracula which could still be a possibility, but what if this darker evil is Dracula. Or another possibility could be that the darker evil is a “master vampire” who even created Dracula. All these possibilities they are making my brain hurt.

With this episode we had Scarlett and Abigail venture to the cave only to find out that Dimitri (Paul Johansson) is already inside the cave. Abigail ends up revealing to Scarlett to not let the cave smell her fear, cause it can create hallucinations. And it sure did create a whole lot of hallucinations and brought back some memories to some of our characters. Like Scab (Rowland Pidlubny) it brought back some horrible memories back when he was a human. I gotta say though, after seeing those memories it makes me feel bad for the guy, cause even when he was human he was nicknamed Scab and bullied by many co-workers. Or I think it was co-workers that always bullied him, thats what it looked like at least. It’s interesting though, cause I never would’ve guessed that Scab would’ve been the person who would’ve been bullied in his past life.

And Dimitri’s past was another one that was interesting or at least the small part that they showed of when he was first turned into a vampire by the Elder. And speaking of Dimitri, who would’ve guessed that he would meet his end by the one that created him but we will get to more of that in a little bit. Another character with a memory was Ivory (Jennifer Cheon) who was being prepared to be burned alive. I guess it must’ve been the Witch Trials back in her human era, which now even begs the question how did she survive being burned alive? And under all that make up is she still charcoaled burned? So many questions!

We also learned Scarlett’s role in the Van Helsing family, learning that it is something in her blood that unleashes a part of a “legend” that a true Van Helsing can control and command the Elder that the family locked away so long ago. Now I’m not going to lie, for those who have watched the Hellsing anime series will know that whole statement sounds a whole lot familiar. It’s because in the anime series Hellsing, Van Helsing’s daughter is able to control and command a vampire named Alucard (Dracula spelled backwards). Now because of this being brought to light in the Van Helsing series, its really making me wonder if this Elder really is Vlad Tepes aka Dracula? Cause it would make sense, but we didn’t get a name in this episode guess we have to wait for Season 3. But it was because of Scarlett being able to control the Elder that she ordered Dimitri to die and for the Elder to find Vanessa. And might I say those red eyes man, those are some terrifying red eyes!

Like I said, so many questions that need to be answered. But thats the beauty of any series we always have more questions that need to be answered. Now I’m pretty sure that we will be getting Season 3 probably in either September or October 2018, but I guess we will get news on that sooner or later. And if you all don’t know about the Hellsing anime series look it up some time you just might like it as much as this Van Helsing series. Until we get Season 3 up we will have to make due with what we have to watch of the series. Until then my readers!