Will & Grace (S09E08) “Friends and Lover”


With the first episode of a new year, it seems as though Will & Grace is getting a better foothold on what direction they want the series to go in. The first few episodes were reminescint to the past but it’s good to see them boldly step into the future.

Will (Erik McCormack) & Grace (Debra Messing) are starting to feel their age and are struggling to get out of the rut they keep finding themselves in. They decide to get out there and try something new, a cooking class with a celebrity chef, Jackson Boudreaux (Nick Offerman), who also seems to have an affinity for both women and men.

When it comes out that Jackson is expertly playing both Will & Grace it causes some hilarious awkward moments between the two friends. Instead of walking away from a bizarre situation, they decide to go along with it and find themselves in some rather compromising positions.

Jack (Sean Hayes) and Karen (Megan Mullally) are plagued by a catchy song and nothing seems to help them with their plight. Desperate for sleep and some peace of mind they seek aid at the hospital. A chance meeting with Jackson jars them back to their senses, remembering the juicy pieces of gossip of the twisted menage trois. At last they are free from the dreadful song, and have another humiliating story to hold over their friends heads.

When Will and Grace’s experiment into rejuvenating themselves backfires, they have each other to fall back on, in a non-sexual way despite Jackson’s admissions. They don’t need to party and do weird and wonderful things in order to have a meaningful life.  As long as they have each other life is pretty good.

I look forward to seeing how much more the writers evolve this story, and what else our foursome will face in the future.


Will & Grace airs on NBC every Thursday at 9/8c.


Photo: Screenshot taken by author of review




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