Life In Pieces (S03E09) "Reading Egg Nurse Neighbor"

From telling about a different version of the chicken and the egg to a mother reading her own “fifty shades” style novel to people, this week’s episode of Life In Pieces was a hoot.

“First Story: Reading with Joan”

When Joan leaves John mysterious, he figures out what she’s up to and bring the family to her book reading that happens to be a “Fifty Shades” style novel. With the family all excited, Joan wasn’t and started to get stage fright. Finally, John gets everyone to leave, even though he was the one who threaten them to come in the first place. Joan reads her novel and with the steamy scenes read out loud, the family hears and after five second (with Greg lasting ten seconds) they left quickly.

“Second Story: The Chicken and the Egg”

After Colleen reads the story about a chicken who ate to Lark and Sophia, Sophia gets Matt and Colleen to tell her a story about the Chicken and the Egg that’s about the same thing of what they’re going through when trying to have a baby. Half of the story shows a great animated farm animals of the Shots. After ending with a cliffhanger story, Colleen and Matt decides that after admitting to being scared of IVF, they should go for it.

“Third Story: Tim Hires a Nurse”

As Tim tries to make a decision on which nurse to hire from a line of resumes, Heather doesn’t think some of them are right for the job. Tim doesn’t like how she butts in and makes the final decision, but at the end, she kind of does when Tim hires Cindy, a nurse who really gets the job done and does magic as well. After apologizing to Heather, Heather actually tells the whole thing to Cindy and see quits. So I guess it’s back to the drawing board.

“Four Story: New Neighbor”

When Greg and Jen get a wake up call from a neighbor’s dog, the assume that it’s the new neighbors. Trying to make a good impression first, they come over with story bought brownies and the two get along great and even made a comment about the dog that happens to be on the other side of them. When Greg and the neighbor goes over to confront the dog owner, the new neighbor happen to give her his two cents and threaten her to shut the dog up or it dies. Not only does that scare the dog owner but Greg too and tells Jen about it. The next day, Greg goes over to the dog owner’s house and tries to apologizes about the whole thing but didn’t accept the flowers and later sees the new neighbor watering the garden.
“Reading Egg Nurse Neighbor” is a good episode that had some good memorable moments from Joan reading her novel to Tim thinking that he had hired the nurse he wanted. The one story that out them all was the Chicken and the Egg as it really had a good message about life and making the tough decision of IVF. It also showed so real good character growth between Matt and Colleen. And the animated story was really good. Overall, I give this episode a 8/10.
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