Alterna Comics: "Go West 01"

The first thing that got me curious about this comic was not the dark gritty cover art, but it was the synopsis. And thats something that is very important to every artist when they are reading other artists work is the story. If you don’t have a good story that will build momentum within the pages then you don’t have a story, but this one has no problem with that at all.

One thing that got me curious about this comic is that it had “west” in the title which got me to thinking “okay its going to be a western story, I love western stories.” and so I went on reading the story. Seeing that this story takes place in the not so distant future timeline; it makes me wonder what happens to civilization to make mankind go back to the western times in this comic story. If you all love western type comic stories for example (Marvel’s Stephen King Dark Tower comic series, Hyung Min-Woo’s Priest, DC’s Jonah Hex, etc.) then you will love Garrett Gunn’s writing for this western comic.

The character that they have created for this comic is called Slade the Blade; I think its pretty explanatory on why the main character is called that. But the way how Slade is written in this first issue is so amazing! It literally has that feel of Jonah Hex mixed with Dark Tower a little bit in comic writing wise that is. Although I have to admit, this comic story isn’t meant for kids. It’s more meant for teenagers to adult age group even the writing is kind of teen – adult age group which is good. It’s good to have a comic that is meant for the adult age group, cause there’s not that many comic series’s that are meant for adults.

The artists did a great job in drawing and coloring the pages, the drawing artist is Sean Forney; his drawing skills are really, really good. And as an artist myself it’s really impressive work that he does. As an artist I am always looking for new art to look at to help me become inspired in how good I need to get my skills for the comic book industry. Seeing the skills of Sean, helps me quite a bit to knowing that it doesn’t matter how well your skills are. Cause everyone has their own styles of art that they draw for comics which is really helpful to me. Next we have Saint Yak, who is the color artist for this comic story. Now I’m not much of a coloring kind of guy, I’ve always been the kind of guy who draws everything black and white, cause I’ve always felt if you have the comic in black and white that it helps bring out the suspense and depth of the art. Maybe my way of thinking isn’t full on correct, but its what I was always told from a comic artist that I was taught by in college.

Now Saint Yak’s coloring skills are incredibly bad ass! There’s a part in this issue where Slade throws the zip lighter and it has from the lighter fly from the lighter giving off a glistening effect with a light effect as the lighter falls. And it looks so much like a water coloring, but I don’t think that it is water coloring, it seems a little photo shopped as well but I don’t think it is. All I’m saying is that this little scene in the comic was literally a phenomenal piece of art. At first when I was reading this comic I really thought that it was a mono-tone black and white comic only to learn that it really was colored after reading the comic and that is talent. Saint Yak is a genius for creating the coloring of the comic like this.

I would highly recommend this comic story to anyone who is a fan of westerns, or is a fan of future storylines. This comic really made me a fan of these guys and I look forward reading the other two parts to the story. Yes this is a story made of three issues but it’s okay, the art is good enough to keep us all interested and begging for more. Maybe one day we will get more of a story of Slade the Blade, maybe even an origin story of how the character got that nickname.

I give this issue: 5/5 for great story telling, and phenomenal art

If you are interested in reading this issue, you can go to Alterna Comics website to get your copy; or go to your nearest comic shop to buy issue 1-3 at the shop.