Alterna Comics: "Doppelganger 02"

With this comic I was very curious to see how it would play out. Sure this is the second issue but still the story seems very interesting. And who doesn’t like a good mystery with hilarious characters. Although I wish I would’ve read the first issue first but oh well at least this issue got me curious to see how the rest of the story will play out.

Alright, so when you think of the word doppelganger, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Probably the paranormal entity that is said to copy you and take your place by killing you am I right? I wouldn’t blame you thats what first came to my mind when I saw the title Doppelgagner, but the way this comic goes about it though goes differently than what the tales of doppelgangers go for people’s tales. But I guess for comics they would have to make things differently to keep readers who don’t know anything about doppelgangers interested in the story, which is not a bad thing.

In the story we have this guy named Dennis when we see him in this issue we think “oh this is Dennis with his wife and child arranging a game night with the kid nextdoor” only later to find out that the doppelganger is the one living with Dennis’s wife and kids. Which is kinda messed up, I mean you would think that something would be off about the doppelganger’s version. Like a kiss, or the way how they have sex or something you know. But no body seemed to have even noticed that Doppelganger Dennis was not the real Dennis, and thats sad! So the more I read through this issue, the more and more I understood why the doppelganger chose Dennis. It’s mainly because Dennis was this guy who literally was a nobody and was even being called names through people who were higher than him in his work place. In a way the doppelganger is not the bad guy, he’s really a guy or woman or whatever kind of gender it was before becoming Dennis, who was just trying to help make his family life, work life, and social life a whole lot better.

Now the creator of the comic Jordan Hart, who I have to say really did a great job creating this story which even though I’m only reading issue number 2 for at the moment. The story is really well crafted and thats something that matters to me as a reader and an artist. These great people really don’t get the credit they deserve, because if it wasn’t for the story tellers of the ones who create the story in the first place, there wouldn’t be any comics at all. The stories always matter and are always the number 1 important thing to always keep in mind too.

The artist, Emmanuel Xerx Javier, literally did a great job with all the art as well; thats the number 2 thing about any comic story is that you have to have appealing art otherwise the comic wont sell, and the story will have to be scrapped all because of the artist not doing their job right. But this artist has done his job right, this artist I can literally see a little bit of a Marvel, DC, and early issues of Top Cow kind of art style for the drawing and coloring which is really good. Because a lot of these artists now in these days don’t do these kind of styles. They more of go for detail and nothing more, but I admire this style a whole lot.
If anyone is ever interested in comic stories about paranoraml like entities then this is the story for you. It is quite a page turner with every single page and you all will enjoy this issue!