The Goldbergs (S05E11) "The Goldberg Girls"

As part of her Bevolution, Beverly wants to create a friend group, like Barry’s JTP or The Golden Girls. Finding three friends turns out to be more difficult than she thought. She already has Virginia Kremp, and tries to complete her friend group during a PTA meeting. She, Virginia Kremp, Linda Schwartz and Essie Karp form a committee to organize the school’s ski trip, but instead, Beverly invites ‘The Goldberg Girls’ over to bedazzle sweaters. The three ladies are not really into Beverly’s idea of forming a friend group and ditch her by calling in ‘sick’. Beverly confronts them, and is disappointed that the rest of her Goldberg Girls don’t feel the way she does. Just when she thinks she will never have friends to share her golden years with, Virginia, Linda and Essie come back to her because they need help organizing the ski trip. Because of a snow storm, the trip can’t go on, but the Goldberg Girls save the day.

Meanwhile, during her winter break Erica is getting annoyed by all of Geoff’s romantic gestures. Like Murray she is not really somebody who shows her affection for someone and she’s fine with it, until she realizes that she could also be like Adam: professing his love for Jackie by imitating classic romantic movies. Inspired by her dorky brother, Erica tries to show Geoff how romantic she can be by driving the lawn mower over to his house like in the movie ‘Can’t Buy Me Love’. But all that does is ruin Mr. Schwartz’s car and her chances of making up with Geoff, as he decides to go on the ski trip instead of spending the last days of the winter break with her. With the winter break almost over Erica is sad she can’t say goodbye to Geoff and gets mad at Murray: “This is your fault. I’m you. I’m stubborn and irritable and don’t like talking about by feelings”. But Murray tells her that if she’s really like him there is a bit of romance in her, as he can sometimes be romantic as well. Erica and Geoff make up when she tells him how she feels about him.

My favorite part of this episode was definitely the end. I loved seeing the real Goldberg girls sitting next to the fake ones in the restaurant and the dedication video was really amazing as well.

511 2 - The Goldbergs (S05E11) "The Goldberg Girls"

I thought most of this storyline was great though. I liked it that Beverly was actually taking Barry’s (not always great) advice, and Barry defending his mom after hearing the Goldberg Girls had abandoned her was hilarious too.

The other storyline had some fun moments as well. I think I mostly enjoyed the scenes with Adam and Jackie, where we could see how different Erica and Adam are in showing affection. It was nice to see that Erica was trying a little bit at least and that she got Adam’s help to do so.

This was a great episode to start off the new year!

The Goldbergs are back on Wednesday January 10th, 8/7c on ABC.

Thank you for being a friend (if I’m singing that Golden Girls theme song, so are you) and Happy New Year!