This Is Us (S02E11) "The Fifth Wheel"

“This Is Us” returned last night from it’s holiday hiatus and it returned with one of the most overwhelming emotional episodes of the season. But whatever you do, stay away from the Pearson’s No Fly Zone.

After being arrested and placed in a rehab center, Kevin and the family (mainly Kate, Rebecca and Randall)  is talked into a therapy session about Kevin’s addiction where true feelings come out. Kevin tells Rebecca of how she favors Randall while Jack favors Kate growing up. Meanwhile, Miguel, Beth and Toby have their therapy session about living with the Pearsons.

“The Fifth Wheel” comes in strong from start to finish with excellent writing. If you have been watching this season, you could instantly understand the meaning of the title for the episode. The performances from cast members Justin Hartley and Mandy Moore were outstanding, fully emotionally driven. Not to mention that Brown and Metz gave a great performance too, mostly coming during the therapy session that really stood out from the episode.

I very much enjoyed this episode from start to finish. The performances from Hartley and Moore deserve award nominations for this episode, with their performance from the therapy session to the end of the episode of why Kevin really doesn’t get the love or extra attention that Kate and Randall have gotten. Watching that (whole) therapy scene was not only emotionally driven but had my heart in my throat as well. The writing was outstanding. That, too, should be considered for awards like the Emmys.

Overall, I give this episode a 9.5/10.

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