Bull (S02E12) "Grey Areas"

A young man is seated, bumping the back of his head against a wall. He’s agitated. He’s in his Doctor’s office; a psychologist. The doctor holds his hand, calms & reassures him, “All appeared well” 

Then the  young man is seen walking rapidly with determination. He’s focused & has a gun. Behind a partially closed door, we hear a shot, then another, then another. It’ s a double homicide- suicide. Harper & Whittleton are killed by Lex Becker, (Sam Levine) before he takes his own life.

Donovan Benanti (CJ Wilson) finds Bull. They have drinks & dinner. They were college room mates. It’ s been a long time & he has a favor.  #besties #bff

The partners, Harper & Whittleton’s widows are suing him. Donovan is on trial & wants his friend, Jace’s help.  

He concludes he wasn’t obliged to divulge danger. So he can’t be responsible for what happens after hours. Did I hear right? #greyareas
Benny goes for the Summary Judgment, the widows have no facts to support their claim, therefore no case.   

However, request denied. Mark Zimmer (Daniel London) for the wives, shows Lex was practicing @ a gun range. He has video footage, days before the killings. If he was doing so well, What set this guy off?  They go for Voir Dire, jury selection. #MSJ 

Donovan admits the gun range was his suggestion to Lex.  It  was a way to cope with his anger. He was improving. He doesn’t know what happened. It’ s not looking good. A storm is coming; yet Donovan claims to have “Weather Insurance” it’s Jason Bull!  Hella corny! 😝 
It’s found, Lex was referred to Donovan by Annabelle Harper, wife of Brady. She’s one the widows, oddly enough & had used Benanti too. Bull is suspect. #spideysenses

Lex Becker was  a trader & troubled; so Annabelle referred him to Benanti. He’s a good therapist. What?!  Did Donovan sleep with Annabelle? He admired her, yes, but never touched her. He broke no ethical boundaries, although he did call her on occasion, to “check in” Right here I asked; what is he not telling? 🤔  

And like me, something is bothering Bull. Donovan is a Master at reading people & manipulation. Again, what happened? And where did he get the Baretta Tomcat; the gun used  @ the shooting range & ultimate killing? .

So Bull visits Donovan. He remembers, “back in the day” Bull had a Baretta, Don bought one soon after.  He asks Donovan to “show me yours” it’s gone. #busted

In a startling turn of events, Don put the gun in Lex’s hand. He’s in love with Annabelle! He used Lex to kill her husband & Whittleton was collateral damage.

Bull is an accessory after the fact #ouch His “confession”  is protected by client priviledge.  He can’t tell anyone! And he was pissed!  😠 #used. So now, how does Bull catch a crook & maintain his ethical integrity?  

Back in court. Benny questions Donovan & his risk assessment. He was good; convincing! Bull is fuming! 😠
Verdict: Not liable.  So now the question begs, how to catch a criminal?  🤔

Bull propositions Annabelle;how do we get justice? She reveals, she knows nothing about Benanti…other than he is liable for her husband’s death!

Bull concludes, Don has Deep Delusional Fantasys. That’s why he wanted…needed Brady dead; although there was no reciprocation of love from Annabelle.

Sidebar: Why didn’t they ever trace the gun back to Don?  

Bull engages in a little team building activity, excluding Benny.  He’s the attorney & can’t play. The game is kinda’ illegal; unethical for sure 

The game:  Don has to confess, that he conspired to kill, by putting the gun in Lex’s hand. They’ll play on his ego. 

So Annabelle asks him to dinner. She is wired to Bull for instruction. Chunk & Dani are close as back up. Personally,  I think Annabelle isn’t strong enough to pull this off. I think she’s going to kill him, after his confession!  

But we’ll never know; because she holds on & declares a strong conviction of gratitude to young Lex, for ending her misery. She wanted out of this loveless marriage. He saved her.  Don’s convinced of her gratitude & proudly declares, “it was me, I did it!

She’s balling, losing it. I swear she’s reaching for her purse.  But Dani jumps up, spills a drink & scurries her to the ladies room. Chunk apologizes & pays for their dinner. #saved yet #busted

Later, Bull visits Don in prison. He is angry, that he’s wearing orange & hand cuffed. He’s pissed & threatening to expose the breach, certain Bull was involved. #proveit

But Bull, unintimidated, throws him a bag of chips on his way out. He’s “saved the world from a complete psychopath” and he’s okay with that!  👊✌

Bull airs, Tuesday’s @ 9:00 p.m. Pacific Time.