Chicago Med (S03E06) "Ties to Bind"

As one doctor still get anxious with patients, another makes the difficult decision and a patient learns the truth of why she couldn’t have kids.

With the what we saw last week with Robyn stealing a scarf at a store, it continues again and this time she was caught. But thanks to Conner’s father, who happen to give some heartless advise to dump her, Conner takes Robyn back home and tries to take care of her situation. But to Robyn, Conner isn’t getting what she’s saying and turns to her father for help that leaves her to make the big decision in her life and to her relationship.

While not getting the gun that she hoped to have but instead pepper spray, Reese goes back to work and treating what seems to be a schizophrenic. Doing well enough and almost had to pull the spray when releasing the patient from restraints thinking that he might go after her, but didn’t. Soon, Ethan gets a patient who thinks that there’s something wrong with him, but test showed nothing. He ask Reese to take a look and when the guy gets upset and get in front of her face, she pulls the spray and attacks. not only did Reese gets a suspension but if she hadn’t sprayed the guy, Ethan wouldn’t have found that the guy did have something wrong with him.

Manning gets treats a patient that happens to suffer from an appendicitis, but the patient knows she had it taken out when she was a teen. But in that case, it wasn’t and Manning learned that she had a procedure done that would not get her pregnant, something that the state of North Caroline did years ago. After removing the appendicitis and getting treated for the infection, Manning tells the patient about what really happened to her and gets the rest of the story from her mother.

The bromance grows between Halstead and Rhodes in this episode as they both treat a woman who’s suffering some set back from IVF that leads her with a blood clot that needed to be surgical remove. Not to mention that Maggie finds a way to make the hospital money and get some more nurses working. With a new room for the paramedics that’s got pizza and TV in hoping to bring in patients that have the big insurance who pays the big bucks.

“Ties that Bind” is a fine episode that was intense at times and to much of that heartbreaking as well. The writing was very good as it kept getting interesting and interesting as things builds and much to that kind of knowing what was going to happen coming from Reese’s point. The performances from Mekia Cox, who’s in her final appearance as Robyn Charlies for now, and Rachel DiPillo.

I’d very much enjoyed this episode. The storylines kept getting interesting and building to moments of shock and surprised. We knew at some point with Reese that something was going to happen that would lead her to getting in trouble and this is it.  But I really don’t think the leaving moment that we were told about this week. But I could be wrong. I did love the moment when Dr. Charlies finally sees his messages about Reese and sits down with her and comfort her.

Overall, I give this episode a 8.5/10.

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