Damnation (S01E08) The Goodness of Man

On this episode, new alliances are made, old ones tested.  How far is Creely willing to go to get his freedom from the Duvalls?  What happened that pitted brother against brother in the first place?  These are questions we delve into and explore a little deeper this episode.

Bessie is on the run from the Black Legion and finds her way to Seth’s church, where he and Amelia hide her from the mob.  The town show up right as she does for the daily sermon, which provides them with enough distraction to hide her.

Seth and Amelia agree to shelter her, but in exchange for the names of the Black Legion, whose faces Bessie saw at the end of the last episode.  Bessie realizes that Amelia is actually the brains behind the farmer’s strike, and they reach a mutual admiration for each other.

Meanwhile, Connie is staying with Martha and building her relationship with her, using the truth of her story to gain sympathy while deciding who she needs to take out to stop the strike.  Her ward is sick, and Connie uses it as a way to make her story hit home with Martha.

We learn more about Seth and Creely’s past clearing farmers off land for big banks.  Creely was actually responsible for their father finding out Seth was going to run off with his sweetheart, so we see why the resentment is there between the brothers.
The Black Legion finally create a standoff in the middle of town.  Sam Riley Jr’s death, or end the strike.  Seth tries to disguise himself as a Black Legion member to cut the noose, but his cover is blown, and the episode ends with preacher Seth and Sam Riley Jr with nooses around their necks while Creely is standing by.

So what did you think of the episode?  Do you think the Bessie, Amelia, Seth alliance will last?  Will Creely jeopardize his freedom to save his brother?  Will the Sheriff finally make  a stand and protect the strikers?  What was your favorite part of the episode?  Comment and let’s discuss.