The Goldbergs (S05E12) "Dinner With The Goldbergs"

It’s Erica’s birthday and as a surprise Geoff takes her out to dinner. But an even bigger surprise awaits at the restaurant when the whole Goldberg family shows up. Erica isn’t happy about this because, as we find out in the episode, The Goldbergs are the worst when they go out to dinner. Erica makes this clear to Geoff, but he thinks they’ll be fine. That is until they get inside.

It all already starts before The Goldbergs even get a table with a hungry Murray, but this is only the beginning. Finding the perfect table is very difficult in Beverly’s case, but when the family is finally seated at the perfect table, not too close to the kitchen, bathroom or air-conditioning, the fun and humiliation can really begin.

When they get their menus, Murray tells them the menu rules. But Geoff, who has never seen The Goldbergs in a restaurant before, almost immediately wants to break the rules when he wants to get soup. When it’s time to order the food, we find out every Goldberg has his own way of ordering. Murray never remembers what he likes to eat. Pops tries to get the advice from people at other tables. Barry always orders something he doesn’t like, this time it’s a trout (why not order fish when you’re at a steak restaurant). And Adam, who usually still eats off the kids menu, decides to order a steak because “he’s a grown ass man”. Erica seems to be the only normal person at the table, and Geoff actually orders the soup even though Murray told him not to. Last but not least there’s Beverly who has very specific demands when it comes to her order.

Then the episode moves on to the next stage: The waiting. Beverly is convinced that every table that ordered after they did has gotten their food before them. As impatient as they are, Beverly, Barry and Geoff, who doesn’t really seem to know what’s happening, actually claim the meals from another table as they think it’s their order. It turns out not to be, when the waiters finally serve the Goldbergs their food.

Barry instantly regrets ordering a trout and Adam isn’t happy about his full plate with steak and three(!) baked potatoes. But before they get even a few bites in, Beverly is already trying to get the waiter to take back the food as it is just ‘fine’, which is not good enough for her. When they’re finally eating their dinner, it’s all getting too much for Geoff and he flips out. He calls out every member of the family and tells them how ridiculous they are and that they should be banned from every restaurant. Geoff seems to give up. Then to finish off the night, it’s time for the check that is of course studied by Beverly until she’s sure she is not overcharged.

After dinner, Geoff is waiting outside. He feels bad about what he said, but Erica later tells him that this night proved to her that he can handle her family. And Beverly and Murray aren’t mad at him either, if anything, he gained their respect.

The Goldbergs leave the restaurant with a food purse full of bread rolls and a doggy bag filled with stolen, sent back and leftover food.

This was one of the best episodes of The Goldbergs ever. Every part of it was just so crazy and hilarious. Bottle episodes like this can be really great, as long as they’re well executed and that was definitely the case with this one. I loved how the episode was structured, with the different stages of dinner and the way every character had their own weird thing going on. Everything that happened and everything that was said just fitted the characters that we have gotten to know over the past years perfectly.

And after all the craziness in the first part of the episode, the show didn’t disappoint with a very sweet ending of Erica, Murray and Beverly acknowledging that Geoff is now part of the Goldberg family.

Throughout the entire episode I felt like this was based on real life, even more than the show usually is and the video at the end proved this once again, making the episode even more hilarious than it already was!

The Goldbergs is back on Wednesday January 17th, 8/7c on ABC.