Damnation (S01E09) Dark Was the Night, Cold Was the Ground

The showdown we knew was coming happened tonight between the farmers and the Black Legion in Holden.  Appropriately enough, at the Riley’s farm, where everything first started.  Lines were crossed, and revelations made on this episode of Damnation.

At the end of the last episode, Seth and Sam Riley, JR were about to be strung up for being agitators by the Black Legion.  As Creely watches, he waits for the right time and takes out several of the Legion, domineering the truck being used to string up Seth and Sam.

With Creely at the steering wheel, Seth, Sam, Preston, and the farmers escape the town square and regroup and the Rileys farm, where the women and children are encamped, along with Connie.

While waiting for the battle to begin, we finally see what happened to Amelia and the people Creely was accused of murdering.  In the flashback, we see that it was their dad that killed Amelia and the preacher, prompting Seth to kill him and his goons.  When Creely shows up, instead of killing him, Seth knocks him out and leaves him in the church, setting him up for the murders.

Meanwhile, Sheriff Berryman and Bessie escape the Black Legion’s clutches and hide out with the rest of the whores on the edge of town.  Bessie finally finds out the truth about her mother, which is heartbreaking and beautiful all at the same time.  She learns some new information about the murders that she needs to tell Creely.

Connie, upon learning that Seth wasn’t the man that killed her husband, has a change of conscious about why she’d been killing strikebreakers.  She realized that they weren’t the bad men, that she’d been killing the wrong targets all along.
Amelia and DL Sullivan are captured by Melvin and the Legion with copies of their paper announcing the members of the Legion.  Melvin (who’s running against Sheriff Berryman) threatens them, but they escape (or so we think) thanks to DL being tougher than he looks.

The battle finally takes place at night, with the Black Legion surrounding the farmers.  The farmers lure them into the barn, thinking it’s the food storage (the Black Legion was going to burn it down) and kills half the Black Legion members in the explosion.  Some are killed by Connie as they try to stampede the farm house, and Preston creates a distraction so Seth can place grenades by an arms dump, causing a huge explosion that causes the Black Legion to finally give up and regroup.
The episode ends with a horse galloping up to the farmhouse with a body draped across it.  It’s DL, a bullet through the forehead and the newspaper on his chest, with a declaration that the Black Legion has Amelia.

What did you think of the episode?  What was the biggest reveal?  Comment your favorite part of the episode in the comments and let’s discuss.