“The Big Bang Theory” (S11E13) ‘The Solo Oscillation’

bigbangtheory edit sheldon and his knot theory jan 12 18 - “The Big Bang Theory” (S11E13) ‘The Solo Oscillation'
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This was my first episode ever watching “The Big Bang Theory”. (I know. I’m very late to the game… Don’t hate on me!). I now finally realize what I’ve been missing. This is a hidden gem! I laughed and throughly enjoyed the entire episode. Where do I even begin…

Penny is my new idol.

Should we be saying “Thank the Lawd Geetizs for Penny?” If it wasn’t for her Sheldon wouldn’t have figured out his theory. Do you agree? Sheldon is teaching her something she knows nothing about. Particles and such! (*snorts and snickers*)
Sheldon reminisces back to his days with the string theory and effectively teaches Penny the basics. He admits to Penny that people have been perplexed by the string theory for years… Penny gets an epiphany! Einstein was a genius but couldn’t figure it out. BUT why? It makes total sense; the strings just get all knotted anyway. BOOM! Wait for it…
Sheldon schools his prodigy. “You can’t have knots in four dimensions.”

He suddenly realizes Penny struck a chord in him. Could it actually be the reverse? The prodigy has schooled the teacher?… “You can have knots if you consider the dimensions sheets.” – Sheldon. That’s it!!!

Amy and Leonard. Fun times.

“Hey, can I stay here? Sheldon kicked me out.” – Amy
These two great friends decide to hang out. Amy and Leonard find out they were both spelling bee champions. They challenge each other to a spell-off! Can you spell “expeditiously.” They can!  These two are virtually unstoppable together! Next on their list, they decide to recreate science projects.  Nothing is better than crossing ice cream sticks for FUN!

Footprints on the Moon: In Concert.

I laughed OUT LOUD when watching “Footprints on the Moon” performing at a bar mitzvah! Their song choices are different? Especially for this crowd. You just knew it was going to be funny! I love the song they mashed too. “The greatest boulder in cinema. 6 tons of granite. I’m not just a rock baby, I’m a boulder!” Yawl killed me with that! Howard, Raj and Bert, you slayed it! Waiting for your next song to hit the radio!

‘The Solo Oscillation’ Moments to Remember:

Penny: “I remember telling Jenny Runyan that I would teach her how to flirt with boys if she put my name on her project. I got an A. She got pregnant.”

Amy: “Girls like you are why I had to come straight home after school.”

Amy to Sheldon: “Dark Matter is your rebound. Science will make you feel pretty again.”

Thank you for reading my review. The Big Bang Theory (S11E13) The Solo Oscillation. Until next week!