Will & Grace (S09E09) “There’s Something About Larry”

Since the series has been off for a significant amount of time, it’s always great to see the familiar faces from the past. In this episode we get to see what Joe (Jerry Levine) and Larry (Tim Bagley) have been up to. Their daughter Hannah has gone off to college, and Larry is having difficulty letting go of her. He has too much time on his hands and is an emotional wreck. In order to cheer him up, Grace (Debra Messing) decides to hire him.

Even though Will (Eric McCormack) and Grace have been working together for a while now, they still need to work some discrepancies out. While Grace is too nice, even when the other worker is in the wrong. Will is the opposite, he is too hard laced and not afraid to show how he is really feeling. Those differences make them a great pair, if only they would find a better balance.

Jack (Sean Hayes) is preparing for a part as a lyft driver. Karen (Megan Mullally) helps him get into his role by lending him one of his cars and her perky personality. His preparation is cut short when he runs into a very familiar face, Val (Molly Shannon). And by that, I mean he ran her over with the car. Guilt ridden Karen and Jack unexpectedly fall into one of her traps. She has been spying on them, biding her time for the right moment to strike. Jealous of the friendship Karen and Jack share, it’s sad in a psychotic way.

Things at the office have gotten a little awkward. Larry has proclaimed his undying love for Will, yet he doesn’t know it yet. Which causes a hilarious chain of events to unfold. Which leads to a very confused Larry laying on a bed naked and startled. It was almost painful to watch the events unfold, but it brings the humor that the show was trying to recreate.

The show is finally getting its flow back. It’s a welcomed sight after some questionable episodes in the past. It’s great to see all these other characters coming out into the light, we have missed them.

Will & Grace airs on NBC and Global at 9/8c every Thursday.

Photo: Screenshot taken by author of review