Blindspot Catch Up


My holidays were spent catching up on the wonderful new season and reviewing the experience. Here goes nothing:

The storyline so far this season has been an improvement from the overtly gritty second season. It’s afterwards, when I’m putting all my thoughts together, that I realize how well the second season set the third season to have such fun action and deep character development. The villain Roman benefits the most from this lighter tone as it helps contrast his dramatic actions. It allows the cast to show a wide range of emotions, which is needed. Midnight played a special role in all the twists, as there were so many late night rendezvouses from romantic to other things. Midnight is when we first meet the mysterious associate of Roman: “Van Gogh”, named so because he’s missing an ear, who killed beloved tech nerd Stuart under orders from FBI Director Hirst. Her turn as villain for these first episodes was more exciting thanks to this season’s new heightened pacing and more dynamic character interactions.

The trip every character is on so far this season surprised me. Jane’s mom as a villain, and the Sandstorm story as a whole, had an overwhelmingly dark effect on last season. That dark tree branched out to all the other character’s arcs, especially Reade and his past with a molesting coach. Characters die on this show very frequently, but Stuart was the first one that impacted me because there wasn’t a constant sense of doom hanging over the character’s head. I mind it when a show relentlessly hounds its characters with tragedies and depression, but Blindspot has finally lightened up. Stuart wasn’t a constant Debbie Downer and had chemistry with Patterson. Alive, Stuart played a vital part in cracking some of Jane’s new bio-luminescent tattoos before Hirst killed him for getting close to revealing her deeds which we learned in the midseason finale when Roman attempted to blackmail Weller into killing her. I know that the secret Roman was holding over Weller’s head was pretty predictable, especially since Jane’s daughter was recently introduced (and Weller already met her), but still… Damn. It was him that killed Jane’s daughter and kept her existence from Jane.

The stories this season are great. The history of the show provides a nice template for this season to mix and match characters, like Patterson and Richdotcom’s secret activist past. It occurs to me that making Richdotcom a series regular was a smart move. New York played a surprisingly big role in these first episodes, with each case tying into the city in some surprising way. 2018 should be good for fans of Jane.

Her and Weller’s relationship adds flavor to things. Weller and Jane wasn’t the only romance complicating the team as Zapata faced unresolved feelings towards colleague Reade. Blake Crawford is the target of Roman’s Lothario persuasions, but it is really her father who he is after. Will this year be just romance?

Together these characters can overcome anything but their secrets can potentially tear them apart forever. The longer it takes for them to have honest conversations, the easier it will be for Roman to manipulate them. It’s well and good that the show has successfully undergone a tonal shift but it will all fail if they don’t stick this. This Friday will let us know if the show will be able to satisfacotarily address these cliffhangers and I have full faith that they will also change the show again heading into the future.

Year of Blindspot!!! These episodes coming this year should be so jam packed with enough character drama and action to keep everyone satisfied. Now we only have to worry about is the impact the Crawford story will have on the team dynamics.

Here is to hoping everything works out for Jane and company but knowing that nothing ever does with this team!

Friday should be another hour that wrecks our hearts thanks to the amazing work of this cast. Jaimie Alexander and the rest have really taken every complex twist this season and made it relatable. 

Jane, we missed you.