Liesl Laurie: former Miss World Africa & Miss South Africa

Known for her strong work-ethic, humility, positive spirit and philanthropy; Accountant, Radio DJ, Brand Ambassador, Motivational Speaker, Television Presenter, MC, Model, former Miss World Africa & former Miss South Africa – Liesl Laurie, has set herself apart from her peers.

liesl 2 - Liesl Laurie: former Miss World Africa & Miss South Africa
Liesl Laurie

In 2010 her ambitious streak saw her reach 3rd place in The Crowning Miss Soweto competition broadcast live on SowetoTV.

After the success of the Miss Soweto competition her modeling career took off seamlessly. She was seen on campaigns and spreads for the likes of Edgars, Jet, Avon, MTN, True Love Magazine, Destiny Magazine to name but a few.

By 2014 she was set her sights on becoming the ambassador of South Africa and stole the hearts of millions with her “Cinderella Story”. She was crowned on live on Mnet and Mzanzi Magic on March 29th 2015 and went on to be one of the most influential young ladies of her time.

Within months of handing over her crown in 2016, Liesl landed a role as of one of the brand ambassadors for Discovery Insure SA, became a presenter on South Africa’s biggest independent radio station – Jacaranda FM and later on secured an amazing deal with international brand L’Oreal – Vichy Laboratoires as the ambassador for South Africa, USA & Brazil.

Welcome to TV Series Hub, former Miss World Africa & Miss South Africa, you have already accomplished a lot. How do you keep the hunger and motivation to strive further everyday?

I have always been motivated by being a beacon of hope for myself and my family. 

It’s about making my grandmother proud. She has sacrificed a lot for myself and my family.

Modelling seems easy on the eyes, however a lot of hard work is put behind the mastery of the art. What are the challenges you faced in your career’s toddler life?

No real challenges at all. But once I was able to understand that most times modelling is like acting in still pictures I was able to thrive in what I was trying to achieve.

How were emotions running when you won the Miss World Africa & Miss South Africa? Looking back at that stage of your life, what were your thoughts on what to do post the crowning?

I knew I wanted to tell my story and be an encouragement for any person that would meet me. 

My Cinderella story was always about inspiring and spreading hope.

liesl 3 1 1024x637 - Liesl Laurie: former Miss World Africa & Miss South Africa
Liesl Laurie: Brand Ambassador of L’Oreal – Vichy Laboratoires

Having started an initiative for the society & community called The Pearl Project in 2014, what is the aim of the initiative & what has it already achieved?

The Pearl Project is a subdivision of Pilgrim Oasis Community Children’s Outreach, an NPO my grandmother started 16 years ago.

The NPO has been able to give many families in the south of JHB (Johannesburg, South Africa) shelter, food, clothing. 

The Pearl Project has been going around Gauteng with myself as the main speaker spreading a message of hope and giving students an understanding of themselves as the future of South Africa.

liesl 4 - Liesl Laurie: former Miss World Africa & Miss South Africa
Liesl Laurie: Founder of The Pearl Project & Vice Chair of POCCO.

With a huge following on social media, how do you use your platform to interact positively with the world?

By never spreading any negativity. 

My gran always said “if you don’t have anything good to say then don’t say anything at all.”

I spread love, positivity and REALNESS with everything I post. 

Before moving on to your appearance as one of the competitors in Dance with the Stars SA, how did you decide to get into modelling after becoming an accountant? 

I was a model before I was an Accountant. I put myself through varsity with the money I made as a model and I also used that money to look after my family. 

Becoming an Accountant was a dream I was able to achieve through modelling and I am proud that I was able to live out my dreams and enjoy myself whilst doing it.

b49f9 dancing2bwith2bthe2bstars2bsa2bm net - Liesl Laurie: former Miss World Africa & Miss South Africa
M-Net’s Dancing with the Stars SA: The show, in which 12 untrained local celebrities will put their best foot forward with the help of highly skilled professional Latin and Ballroom dancers

Dancing with the Stars, no previous experience, 12 competitors, what made you join the competition?

I have no idea!!!

Let’s just say I love a challenge! 

While everyone is aiming for a win, what else are you hoping to gain from this competition?

Just to have some great fun and hopefully be able to do the splits. I have always wanted to be able to do a full spilt.

Competitions can be fun! Are you very competitive?

Competitive! Yes!!!

Never too far. But I definitely take winning very serious. One thing I will never do is compromise who I am. Let’s win but let’s do it clean! 

Wishing you all the best for the competition! Lastly, with so much experience now, what would you tell the aspiring models that are trying to penetrate the industry?

Authenticity is key. 

Realness. Confidence and kindness. Always!

Dancing with the Stars SA will commence on M-Net channel 101 on Sunday 4 February 2018.