MacGyver (S02E13) “CO2 Sensor + Tree Branch”

The team is off to the annual Korman Challenge. Which is basically a battle of wits and intelligence. The Phoenix Foundation has yet to win the competition, but this could be their year. Thanks to an inspiring speech by their fearless leader, Matty (Meredith Eaton), they are ready to work their magic. With MacGyver (Lucas Till) on their team, it may be no contest.

There is history between MacGyver and another brilliant mind, Allie (Ashley Tisdale). Due to her competitive nature she tried to sabotage his chances years before. There never seems to be a dull moment for The Phoenix Foundation. When the friendly competition goes haywire, the team gets caught in the middle of the action once more. A very dangerous military drone has been hacked and is headed straight for the Pentagon with guns blazing.

While MacGyver, Riley (Tristin Mays) and Bozer (Justin Hires) are working to save the day yet again, Jack (George Eads) is at his high school reunion trying to earn back a piece of his pride. Fully expecting to confront his high school tormentor, he ends up making amends and forgiving the transgressor instead. Especially when he learns that his arch nemesis was jealous of him, somehow that made up for all those years of strife.

Allie and MacGyver must set aside their differences and put their heads together to get the drone to fall in line. It seems to be one step ahead of them, making this one of their more difficult missions. With time running short, and ideas becoming scarce they must think outside the box. Luckily this is an easy feat for MacGyver and he figures out a way to stall the deadly drone. Quick thinking cannot help them for long, but it’s all they have especially when the B.R.U.N.O now has a hostage, Allie is trapped inside.

Jack won’t be outdone though, he is now on the case and has tracked down the elusive hacker thanks to Riley. The culprit takes us all by surprise, it just so happens to be the creator of the Korman Challenge, he has gone rogue and is trying to prove a point to the government. Lives are at stake, and the timeline to a successful mission is running short, especially with an air strike imminent. With no way to stop the drone, MacGyver must do the impossible.

Impossible is not in this teams vocabulary though, and they will do anything to make sure the day is saved. So it comes as no surprise when MacGyver performs an amazing feat that also saves the life of Allie, thus ending the reign of terror from B.R.U.N.O. Nothing seems to be out of the realm of possibilities when it comes to these extraordinary individuals. It makes for one hell of a show.

With another crisis averted, MacGyver can turn his focus back on finding his father. With every moment he is coming closer to uncovering the truth within the cryptic messages. I am sure before this season ends we will have some answers.

Onward to another mission, well after Jack gets to thoroughly enjoy his crown.

And maybe, just maybe, Allie will be back. There is an undeniable spark between her and MacGyver. It would bring a whole other complex dynamic to the show.

MacGyver airs on CBS and Global every Friday at 8/7c. 

Photo: Screenshot taken by author of review.