Riverdale (S02E08) "House of the Devil"

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The episode starts with the usual Jug’s POV of Archie and Veronica’s relationship which is full of PDA. Season two for them there has been less relationship development and more sexual activities, which some people will say for teens its understandable but audience members expect more growth from their relationship or at least scenes like they had in season one . As for Archie’s love confession  I’ve never seen a more awkward confession as not only did he not get response but

Veronica acted like the confession never happened.

We learn of FP’s release from jail and Jug and Betty decide to pick him up from jail and Alice tags and long. Only FP can walk out of prison looking that good and the banter between him and Alice was hilarious but at the same time gives out a feeling of some unresolved tension from the past.  With Betty and Jug throwing Jim a retirement party they leave the sleuthing work to Archie and Veronica which only put more strain to their rocky relationship. But one thing I liked was the visual of how the events happened when they were at the so called house of devil while they read out the report of what happened. Another mystery that arose was why the report contained false information of the said family. We learn of the janitor’s past which sort if explains his odd behaviour but the information obtained doesn’t add up with the current killers patterns. Could it be some psycho looked up to the previous killer or could it be some one related to the previous one? Or could the killer be completely univolved with the past killings and could be part of a bigger conspiracy?  All potential leads could be a base to an interesting story line.

As for the Lodges receiving a threatening letter from the Black Hood makes you wonder what the Black Hood’s intentions really are if they just received the threat now and not before. Is the Black Hood a distraction to keep town folks away from something illegal? Time will tell. As for the whole Archie Veronica issue it was shocking how her parents reacted when she told them about it. Her parents at times seem evil and uncaring especially Hermoine and at times we see the version of her in season one making us wonder which version is the real her.

As for FP he ends up taking a job at Pop’s and we see just how far he’s come as a father and a man. His character development and Alice’s are one of the interesting aspects of this season. The father son bonding moment on their bike ride just goes to prove how much he cared about his son.

 As for planning the party we see Betty inquire about the serpents despite every warning she gets just so that she can protect Jug. Is that a stupid dangerous decision on her end? We’ll see how it turns out later on because every decision has consequences especially now with the Black Hood running around.

As for the unresolved tension between Alice and FP we see it again when she confronts him at the diner about not wanting Betty involved with the serpents. It makes us wonder what the conversation meant and if there’s more to it than meets the eye which is a joy to all the fans who ship the two of them. The writers are either purposely or unknowingly showing an opening for a story line between the two be it from the last or in the near future. I doubt they would unknowingly feed us the’s crumbs unless they aim at showing more of it here’s to hoping this story doesn’t die like the rest of the others.

At the party things went completely awry and it seemed like a series if bad events which followed each other but the one thing I’m sure people enjoyed was seeing Alice with the serpents where she was less uptight than she normally was. The first event was when Veronica stormed off stage which later we see led to them taking a break.

As for the second event which immediately followed the first one we see Betty strip to a lingerie and perform the so called serpents dance in front of everyone which seemed so appalling for her as a teen to do. The whole serpents initiation system was wack but this tool it to another level which made Toni more likable in this episode for not stating her disapproval on it and not just blindly defending them. I expected Alice to freak out about seeing her daughter perform the dance but all we see is a dissapointed and sad mother which kind of seemed OOC for her. As for the serpents I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before but who gives them their nicknames because they are quite interesting and some don’t fit the image of them being tough.

The third and the saddest of all the events is when FP announces he’s not leaving the serpents as expected of him by the police. During his speech it was intresting when he talked about people turning their back on him and we see the focus on Alice. After the speech it made sense why FP always had the serpents backs for all those years. His reason for him not retiring was the most selfless act of his yet and it was all to protect his son from the snake charmer as he had found out all about their dealings despite Jug having lied to him. This all bring us back to what the snake charmer said about this being payback to FP which makes us curious as to who told FP the truth. Was it her as a wat to make him suffer even more or not? Let’s hope this plot doesn’t die just like all the other mystery plots which have arisen this season.

The episode ends with Bughead broken up again with Jug doing it to protect Betty from everything he’s involved with which was kind of sweet and logical if you think about it but I do not think the audience will be pleased with that being the most favorite ship on the show. The writers have a lot to do to appease the audience as not only did one of the main ship break up but two since they have clearly focused the show  more on that side than the mystery part.

Things might just get interesting only if the writers pursue more of the unsolved mysteries rather than focusing more on the romance side of the show because there are a lot of unanswered questions with the potential of being great ploys because I feel the story is going downhill and the show is losing its spark as the episodes seem bland and less interesting though there are still some aspects which are saving the show from becoming completely bland.

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