Life In Pieces (S03E10) "Emergency Colonoscopy Driving Lunch"

With one mission that he has to do, it gets complicated when family comes around.

In this 30 minute episode, Matt and Colleen are trying to have a baby and when Matt has an appointment at the sperm clinic, things get complicated for Matt. From one story to another, Matt gets a call from Heather, Greg and even Tim to help them out. Then the last story comes when after doing the deed, his bag gets accidentally switched with another person’s lunch bag and gets exploded with a blue dye. But at the end when they are both at the clinic, Matt goes in to do his deed there but gets stopped when another person was still in there.

“Emergency Colonoscopy Driving Lunch” was one good whole story of perfect hilarious scenarios of what could happen to Matt when a family member calls for help. With each of the stories, the one hilarious and memorable moments came when Matt had to help Greg out with their mom and dad and Greg needed to finish the interview meeting that turned into that classic BBC interview of the analysis getting interrupted with his kids and wife and John finds Matt’s lunch bag and stomps on it. Overall, I give this episode a 8/10.

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