The Good Place (S02E09) "Chapter 23: Best Self"

After tricking Shaun of thinking that the humans went to Mindy St. Clair’s house, Eleanor and the gang try to leave for the real good place with a little detour they must face.

With all the fun twist and turns that this season has had, this episode seem to have anything like that but more of where we would think this might come to. When Eleanor and Michael making Shaun think the humans are in the middle place, Michael tries to have them wait a day for transport. But instead of waiting they want to go now, and Michael pulls off the Wizard of Oz transport with a twist of letting the good place detector let you pass.

With all three, Jason, Tahani and Eleanor passing, the one that don’t make it was Chidi and after regrouping and talking about how Chidi is a good person. As they go again, this time it’s Eleanor. But after the face the truth comes out from Michael once again, thinking that it might be another trick, but actually Michael was trying to buy time because he has no idea of how to get to the good place that in fact you had to be a good person on earth.

After Michael explains, Eleanor, who’s disappointed, gets everyone to live it up like it was their last days with their own party of music, dancing and champagne. Tahani and Jason come to terms of their relationship, Chidi and Eleanor comes to their too and everyone celebrates Michael for being a good human being with gifts that really make humans stink. But soon, Michael gets a message from Shaun that he’s coming back and going to find the humans and make soup out of them.

Michael comes up with what is a foolish but probably smart plan to get to the good place: having to go through the Bad Place and asked a court judge to grant them a pass to the good place. As Shaun sends Bad Janet to pick them up, Michael shuts her down and takes the train to the bad place and as they leave the good place goes out with piece by piece take away.

“Best Self” was nice episode that didn’t give those twist and turns. Still funny at times and I think with he character remorse to each other was brilliant and really good growth for the characters. The performance from the cast members from Bell, Harper, Jamil, Carden, Jacinto and Danson had equal memorable moments and didn’t out performed anyone. Danson did have one hilarious line about how humans kiss with their food holes and that’s not how they are suppose to kiss. I don’t know where this show is going, but I think that’s literally the best thing the show has given us that if we don’t know and they know it’s for the best. So just like Eleanor and the gang I’m enjoying the ride to wherever they are going. Overall, I give this episode 8.5/10,
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