Disjointed Season 1, Part 2

On January 12, Netflix finally released part 2 of season one of the Kathy Bates’ comedy Disjointed. Here’s a look at what Season 1, Part 2 of Disjointed.

If you haven’t heard about the series yer, you might not be alone, but if so Disjointed is about Ruth Whitefeather, an advocate for legalized marijuana usage, runs a LA marijuana store along with her son and young (as she calls it) “budtenders.”

After getting busted by the DEA and took all their weed, they get back a few months later and celebrated 420. Ruth decides to fight the system and help female empowerment. Meanwhile, Pete deals with issues with not able to grow the perfect marijuana and goes through some very mental issues from breaking up with “Mary Jane” to being friends with a Bio-Energetic machine.

Olivia’s shitballs becomes a very popular item and gets a famous marijuana businessman to want to take her product to the top by also selling Olivia’s pee (lemonade) or Olivia’s vomit (spaghetti sauce). As Olivia took the deal, it causes friction between her and Travis.  Relationships grow between Jenny and Carter and even Ruth finds someone who is very special too that learns how to use pot for the first time. And Dank and Dabby still find away to make themselves the smartest and dumbest group on the show.

Season 1, Part 2 was a much improvement from what part 1 shown in storytelling wise. The writing seemed strong and structured then the part one. I figured that when the show comes back that they would tackle losing the store for a while, but instead they come back to the store months later and carry on with some side effects from the event.

The humor in the second part was hilarious at times and some that weren’t. There’s less commercials at times when watching but out of some of them Da Tacos and others the one that mostly stood out was the NFL Ad about how marijuana helps them deal with side effects of the NFL. Strain of the Day was good at times too.

Kathy Bates shines again and really grows the character of Ruth pretty good from episode one to ten and when it comes to episodes 18 to 20,  the chemistry between Peter Riegert as Walter and the shocking turn of why he couldn’t date her, even after they’ve had some much fun in the previous episodes.

Along with Bates, Elizabeth Alderfer and Elizabeth Ho was good as well and not to mention that that Besty Sodaro and Chris Redd, who plays Debby and Dank, who got more screen time and just added more humor than the show could ever take. Aaron Moten and Tone Bell were good as well and Nicole Sullivan and Michael Trucco was good as well too.

After watching this set of ten episode, I would love to see what Season 2 would bring. Where would these characters go and what kind of pot do they have to sell in their “Strain of the Day.” I wouldn’t be surprised if Kathy Bates gets a nomination for an Emmy for her role.

Overall, I give this part 2 of season one of Disjointed a 8/10.

Have you seen the second set of episodes of Disjointed? Have you seen the first season of Disjointed? What did you think? Leave a comment!

You can catch the entire First Season of Disjointed on Netflix now.