Riverdale (S02E09) "Silent Night, Deadly Night"

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The episode began with Jug sitting at Pop’s when Archie and his father enter and deliver a tree for Pop. Him and Archie sit and bond for a while which seems to have been lacking in the previous episodes.

The Black Hood seems to have taken a toll on a number of the Riverdale inhabitants especially Betty who ends up having a nightmare of him killing his whole family. In her nightmare we see a little glimpse of Polly who seems to have disappeared for a few episodes with no information heard about her.

As for the Blossoms the mother daughter relationship still is rocky just when you think it’s growing they go back to square one and Christmas was definitely not helping and neither is the creepy grandmother. As for the Andrews financial trouble seems to be knocking on their doors this Christmas as Fred had racked up quite the bill while being treated for his gun wound.
As for Jug and FP we see Jug throwing sass to him for trying to be a better father by protecting him from the illegal shit he’s gotten himself into. The way Jug handled the whole Penny issue was quite disturbing I mean he cut off her tattoo without thinking twice about it and for him to be naive enough to think this meant the situation had been resolved well he has another thing coming for him.  Why do the Riverdale kids have so much sass towards their parents it’s bottom line disrespectful and stupid for them to think they know better than their parents. The writers seriously need to fix that about them the sass is enjoyable but it shouldn’t be disrespectful.

As for the whole Kevin and his secret santa I think I’d have preferred to have seen the reactions when they picked the person they were gifting that would have been amusing to watch. As for the whole gift giving part it would have been preferable to see each member receiving their gifts. As for the whole Reggie comment on Veronica’s gift as much as he is such a douche his character is quite enjoyable to watch. And what is up with the tension in the room when Betty opened her gift from Veronica and Jug?

As for the Lodges arguments and secrets seem to be a constant thing in the house hold. As for the whole Veronica trying to force her parents into settling Fred’s bills I found it unsettling, yes it was kind of her to do so but the way she did it was totally wrong because and the end of the day she needs to understand actions have consequences and this whole thing just might blow up in her face. And with now the so called “secrets revealed” she feels like she knows everything but there’s no way she won’t be involved in illegal activities with her signatures being all over the business documents. Personally the Lodges secrets seem to be the most intriguing and very dark.

In this episode we see Betty and Archie join forces to try and help the janitor who seems to have been kidnapped by the Black Hood. While trying to get to the bottom of it they end up uncovering a dark secret that the town buried that led them to Cheryl’s grandmother. As for the woman I suspect she’s quite aware of everything going on aware round her and she’s not as old and helpless as she lets out, wouldn’t be surprised if she turns out to be an evil mastermind. With her limited help they discover Betty’s grandfather’s involvement in the killing of an innocent man which leads her to breaking down. What shocked me in the scene is when she kisses Archie, like WTF moment and to make matter worse he kissed her back and Cheryl saw it all. There’s no way she’s gonna let that pass considering how Betty blackmailed her before its gonna be interesting to watch.  As for the two the kiss was so unexpected yes they were having problems in their relationship but I thought they were committed to their partners. To make matters even worse is none of them talked about it and finally Veronica confesses her love to Archie in this episode. And while they kissed someone seemed to be taking photo of them making even more questions arise. As for the whole love triangle issue writers why are you throwing all the character developments we’ve had so far?

All the searching for clues lead them to the grave of the innocent man killed which ends up being a trap for them and the Black Hood might have succeeded in getting Betty to bury Archie alive. Fortunately they weren’t stupid to have done this alone and Sherriff Keller’s siren caused a distraction giving room for Betty to hit the Black Hood and cause his gun to fall  causing him to make a run for it. The Black Hood almost got almost way and his identity would have remained a secret were it not for Sheriff Keller shooting him. As for his reveal it seemed to clean yes we can understand the twisted part of it but IDK things still seem off. Like why would he do this all now and why target Betty and how the hell did he know about Betty and the Nancy Drew novels and the whole eyes thing. Something seems off maybe future episodes will provide a better explanation for this whole thing.

As for the final scene when Betty was getting rid of all the Black Hood items when she held back to the Hood which was super creepy with the narration makes you wonder what they meant did it mean was her split personality finally going to be addressed or was it a hint that the Black Hood’s reign of terror was far from over?

This episode was generally good it didn’t feel as slow as how the other episodes felt. It had a lot of things going on but at the same time it didn’t feel rushed between scenes.

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