Blindspot (S03E09) “Hot Burning Flames”


Around the five minute mark, I realized exactly what this midseason premiere was going for.

Weller finally tells Jane the truth about him causing her daughter’s death while the team takes on the case of the week by themselves which was exciting to watch. Out of this emotional turmoil, the team, especially Zapata and her CIA boss, is given a chance to shine. Jane’s bioluminescent dye unfortunately did not play a role in this week’s case but it was still interesting especially when Welller and Jane finally joined the investigation. There was a moment towards the end that showcased Weller’s guilt over Jane’s daughter with a hallucination, which was a real spotlight on Sullivan Stapleton’s abilities as an actor.

Help with that guilt was not offered at all as Jane understably decided to leave the man she thinks killed her daughter and kept it secret. It is especially heartbreaking to watch this unfold considering that the following scene reveals that Jane’s daughter, Avery, is actually still alive and on the run which means that whatever Weller saw in Berlin was likely a set up to keep something in the dark from Weller making Jane not the only one being lied to about her daughter. 10/10 is my score for this episode.

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