Family Guy (S16E11) "Dog Bites Bear"

In celebration of episode 300, Family Guy showcases, “The Dog & The Baby” always worth the eye strain. #Brian #stewie

The episode  is also  peppered with the shenanigans of “Petah” in a subplot about what he eats. #favoritefoods #junk

I found ths episode funny @ times & questioned the censors on others. #sex Yet there is also a very adult & mature conversation about change; life, death and release; simple yet profound for this type of venue. 👍  

And so, in the beginning, Lois is posting a grocery list on Peter’s body. They are #picturecards. The cucumber is posted on this backside #assccrack and Peter is reminded of the best “O” ever! 😝 He only felt dirty for an hour. #xrated & ewww

The children are puzzled, yet conclude their parent’s marriage is like Danny Trejo, “weird but strong”👌 #sethcarpet 

Elsewhere, in the Living Room,  Stewie wants to binge on “The Furious Five”  in the order of  best to worse;  6, 5, 7, 3, 1, 4 & 2.  I don’t know,  I’ve never had  the viewing (dis)pleasure, so I’ll trust Stewie. “Rest in Paradise, Paul Walker”  

Rupert, long time friend & bear companion, is Stewie’s “date” Brian is near, yearning to get high. #upinsmoke  

Rupert is confused, thinking Ludacris is Tyrese. Stewie explains the simplicity of telling them a part: Ludacris is a human peanut,  Tyrese is China Black; “like Asia & Africa had sex”  😁  uh?! Never the less, well said; “RIghtOn!” 👊 #sehcarpet Brian leaves,  bored.

Meanwhile @ the grocery store, Peter meets his Cereal Super Hero, “Boo Berry” He shakes Peter’s hand. Thrilled; Peter will never wash that hand agai! . He tries his best to keep his promise, but the hand is turning green with …pus.😝  Dressed like Count Chocolat, Cleveland shakes his friend’s hand, to Peter’s delight. Again thrilled @ the touch of another, “super food”  But Chocolat, has a scrub brush up his sleeve. Boo Berry is washed away! 

 Exhausted by the binge, #marathon Stewie leaves Rupert on the sofa & goes to bed. He finds Brian, drunk & hungover, early the next day. He has “crumbs”  of Rupert on his mouth. Stewie cries, streams  (not waking his parents by the way) “Murderer” & he begins a beat down like,  “Where’s my money, Brian?!” 💵 Brian’s then blocked by Dikembe Mutombo. Why? #sethcarpet

Anyway, Stewie’s off to Vermont with the cremated remains. Brian follows at a distance  They fight, Stewie falls. He can’t continue. Brian takes him to the mountain top. They argue all the way up with Stewie saying unkind things about Brian’s ass:
#fatlassie #scoobydont #poppysnoopy #marmaduki #snoopdoggydick & something about Clifford and a red sphincter. And how old is this kid? 

Realities of life,  death & being alone is revealed to be Stewie’s attachement. Brian comforts. Well placed 👌 Well said.

Then Brian does the Eulogy.  Stewie is too distraught. He gives thanks for the love & comfort the bear gave to Stewie…and to him. He apologies for ripping him apart. They spread the ashes from the mountain top & Stewie begins to sing, 🎤”It’ s Hard to Say, Good bye” 🎶 Brian joins in. Boys to Men, sing in the background as they hug & descend the mountain. “Go with Paul,  now Rupert” 
On the way home, Brian stops by a Vintage Toy Shop. He finds another Rupert. Stewie is whole again!

Up in the sky, Original Rupert in one car, Paul Walker in another,  drive off into the void. Boys to Men, still singing🎤♩🎶  

The episode  was very good. Life, Death & Forever  is always sensitive. This wss simple yet well done.

🐻🐻🐻🐻Giving it 4 bears…and a Panda!  🐼 

Family Guy airs Sundays @ 9:00 p.m. Pacific Time