Black Lightning (S01E01) "The Resurrection"

It finally has arrived to us people, this is DC Comics first African American superhero to arrive one television. And it has brought a spark for many to be inspired to start watching the series. Not because it’s about some awesome superhero with bad ass abilities, but its because of the superhero being African American that truly gives that inspiration spark to others. After all with the times that we live in now, in my opinion this is exactly what we need now. But lets get to this review!

Now, I don’t know much about this DC Comics character but thats the beauty of these television series’s we get to be introduced to characters that we don’t really know all that much about. Which then inspires us to actually go to our local bookstore or anywhere and pick up issues of the character and get familiarized with the character. In this episode thats exactly what happened; we are introduced to Jefferson Pierce (Cress Williams) who is our true heroine in this series as the titled hero Black Lightning.

Jefferson Pierce is a man whose just trying to live his life like any civilian in the “land of the free” but not everything goes according to plan. With having to put Black Lightning in his past he is then forced to bring the mantle back into the light to wreak havoc on those who deserve justice. Sound like an interesting short lined summary right? Right, thats what actually got me interested in the series was because it seemed like the story was going to be written really well and it is. It actually is! Like I’m impressed with the writing for this first episode, and the presentation of this first episode definitely has me sold in wanting more each week.

Now one thing I truly love about this first episode is that it reveals the struggles that come with any race but mostly for African Americans. Seeing how our main character Jefferson, was dealt with by those police officers at the beginning moments of the episode. Literally shows that they are going deep into those racial factors and even more factors with this series and I respect that. I truly respect that they are finally bringing onto screens the truth about how different races are treated in our world. Maybe it will wake some of these people up and it will help to show them that it’s not right to treat people, not black, white, asian, etc; but people this way. If everyone can see that all people are just people and should be treated equally, maybe it will help this messed up world we live in. But I wonder if they will eventually bring in the saying “black lives matter” most likely they will coax their way into it but probably wont rush into it. Guess we will see soon!

And one of my favorite actors who I recently found out is one of my favorite art instructor’s best friend, Damon Gupton who plays Inspector Henderson on the series.  I feel like having him on this series is going to be really awesome; any role he plays he is always a great character, and I’m sure that he will not disappoint fans in future episodes of the freshman season. It would be nice if Henderson and Black Lightning end up eventually working together on some cases. But like how I said before, guess we will see soon!

I hope you all enjoyed the first episode and I hope you continue to watch all 13 episodes that will be airing!

Next Episode: Black Lightning(S01E02): “LaWanda: The Book of Hope” airs Tuesday January 23, 2018 at 9/8c on The CW