Chicago Med (S03E07) "Over Troubled Water"

When the pressure is on, risk is the only thing that you have a hold of and in this episode of Chicago Med that’s what our doctors face.

“Over Trouble Water” gives our characters risky situations that they face from Dr. Manning and Dr. Choi treating a addicted mother who gave birth to a baby. Dr. Charles thinks it best for the baby to be away from the mother but in this case, Manning believes that in order to feel better, that the child should be comfort by his mother. Dr. Halstead faces the difficultly of treating a patient, who wants no heroic measures, but her boyfriend thinks she can beat what she has and it turns into one emotional moment.

With Robyn gone, Rhodes goes out on the field along with Dr. Bekker to help a man who is trapped in a collapse building. With the man bleeding out, Rhodes places a balloon in the artery to by them sometime. But when that time runs out Rhodes and Bekker leave with no choice but to take part of the leg off. But Rhodes will learn a lesson from the patient. While Dr. Charles deals with the addicted mother, he also deals with having Dr. Reese be placed in a new department as he feels responsible for her actions, but Reese might have the last word about that.

This was a good hour of television. The stories we emotional at times and power to say the least. Watching these characters not only dealing with situations that you would think they see everyday, be that much challenging was strong for storytelling. I thought the Manning-Choi-Charles story was really good and a discussion worthy story. Not to mention the Charles and Reese was really good and as much to think that Charles was thinking what’s best for Reese, I’m with Reese that she shouldn’t have left his program.

We also get to see out characters open up with Dr. Choi opening up about his family to April, something that he has hard talking about. He shows April a photo of his adopted sister that has been a trouble child and haven’t spoken to her in over four years. And not to mention that #Manstead grows as after a night upon night of sneaking out of Manning’s house, Manning decides it time for Halstead to stay all night. Maggie might have a second thought about Barry.

The writing was strong and the performance from Donnell and the cast was amazing. Overall, I give this episode a 8.5/10.

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