Coming Sunday, January 21st: Counterpart (s01ep01): "The Crossing"

This Sunday, not only do we have football to look forward to,  but Starz is giving us another hit. 
“Counterpart” asks the universes biggest question: “What if…” Howard Silk (Oscar-winning JK Simmons), is brought up short by this question. But Howard isn’t just asked, he’s put on the path to find the answer to the universes’ biggest question. He’s brought up short when he meets his counterpart.  Written by Justin Marks, he gives the spy genre a whole new spin. Justin gives us a deep story that will grab you from the opening credits. 
The little part of the U.N. agency Howard works for also guards the property line to a parallel universe. With Howard and his “counterpart”, we’ll take a trip around the world of dimensons….our world, our counterparts world…but which is reality
JK Simmons heads up a wonderful cast including: Harry Lloyd (“The Theory of Everything”, 2014); Olivia Williams (Royal Shakespeare Theater); Nicholas Pinnock (Actor and producer: “Marcella” 2016, “Fortitude”, 2015); Nazanin Boniadi (Nominated for SAG award for best ensemble drama performance, 2011 “Homeland”). This is barely scratching the surface of this wonderfully put together cast. Starz has given us such award-winning hits as: “Black Sails,” “Ray Donovan,” “Homeland,” “Power,” and “Outlander,” now they can add “Counterpart.”
Join me as I live tweet the season premiere of “Counterpart” Sunday, January 21st, 8pm on Starz. Let’s make it a standing date, shall we?