The Flash (S04E10) "The Trial of The Flash"

So this episode was a real page turner or should I say screen turner! This was a great episode and it amazes me with how much it took from a famous comic book storyline. This comic book storyline that has the same title as this episode so for those that know about this comic book story knows how this episode already went down. Lets get to the review!

This episode like I said is based off of a famous comic book storyline, and it really was a great story too for the comic book. Just seeing this story play out like how it did really makes me wonder how will the rest of this comic book story arc play out on screen. For those that remember the story ‘Trial of The Flash’ in the comic book Barry (Grant Gustin) was framed for murder by the Reverse Flash and in the trial the verdict was guilty and Barry went to prison.

In the series however, the only thing that is different is Barry got framed for murder by Dominic/Devoe (Kendrick Sampson) and in this episode we saw how the trial played out. I think though this has to be the third best episode ever to have been played out on this series and I am really excited to see what else they do with this story arc for the season. Now I know that we all saw in the episode that Barry’s verdict was guilty and that he was put into prison. But now we all have to wait to see how many episodes it will take for them to shorten the story arc for Bary to be released from prison.

I have to admire Iris (Candice Patton) in this episode willing to sacrifice her freedom to reveal to all that her husband is The Flash. But what really caught my interest is when Barry was able to have Iris resonate with him in order for him to talk to her. Which has never happened before with the two of them. My theory is that Iris is going to be finding out soon that she’s pregnant with Barry’s kids and that shes going to have to reveal the pregnancy to Barry while he’s still in prison. Now like I said this is just a theory but it would explain why she was able to resonate with Barry in that moment in the court house so that she wouldn’t tell the courthouse about Barry being the Flash.

Now I have to say that it’s quite amazing that they even threw into the episode from the comic, that as Barry was getting his sentence read to him; the police department was reading off the valor to be given to The Flash which he wasn’t there to be given it because he is being put into prison. So now how long will The Flash be in prison? Guess we will find out soon enough!

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