This Is Us (S02E12) "Clooney"

After last week’s amazing hour of television, this week episode shows our favorite family getting over that hurdle.
“Clooney” is well written, well established episode that’s full of (again) life lessons and character growth for our favorite family.

The one motive for this episode “over the hurdle” is really best describe this episode as each member like Kevin getting over the hurdle of Miguel with his mother, Kate with her weight gain confession and helping a member of her group.

Randall gets into searching what seems to be a long lost love of Williams when finding poems of his and coming to thinking of being the landlord of the building that he had stayed. Jack and his business. Not to mention the cat of William’s Clooney, who we see taking a journey in the city til making his way to William, not to mention still alive and with a family in the same building.

The episode really dives deeper into the background of our characters with their life challenges. Each and everyone finds their over the hurdle moment. The writing of this episode might not be as strong as last week’s episode but it still holds up as to a really good episode. The performance from the cast was amazing and no one out performed each other, but I would have to say the cat did steal my heart throughout the episode. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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