Mary Kills People (S02E03) "Twin Flames"

Mary (Caroline Dhavernas) is on a self-destructive path and her double life is starting to take a toll on her. After lying to Olivia (Rachelle Lefevre) about killing her husband, the paranoia and fear catapult Mary into a downward spiral. She must keep herself composed or deal with the ever-growing consequences.

Ben (Jay Ryan) is back in the picture, taking it upon himself to deal with Mary’s mistakes. He has Travis (Ian Lake) locked up in his trailer, even though it risks the whole undercover operation, he can’t seem to help himself. Mary has an unspoken power over him which can only end badly. This is, and always will be Mary’s game, he doesn’t have a chance.

The tides are changing and Mary is left questioning her own morality. Fear is a powerful foe and it makes you sit back and reevaluate life. When Annie (Grace Lynn Kung) comes to her with another ailing patient, she refuses. After-all, everyone dies in the end and there are some people you just can’t save. The pressure is starting to get to her and a breakdown is on the horizon.

No matter what seems to happen between Mary and Des (Richard Short), he will never leave her stranded. Even though the possibility of disappearing off the grid are in his sights, he can’t abandon Mary when she needs it the most. It’s his job to save her from herself. There is an unwavering connection between the two of them, it’s nice to see that as a consistency in this series.

While Mary is taken over by her own darkness, there is another world going on around her. Her family is blossoming right before her eyes, and she is just merely a spectator. Jess (Abigail Winter) is finally living a life of truth and love. There are so many levels to this series, and so many strong characters, the stories seem to stick with you. Leaving you wanting more.

Mary seems to be working on her own agenda, so when she agrees to make a statement against Olivia at the precinct, Ben couldn’t be happier. Although we know that she will do anything to silence the fear inside of her and the only way out points to murder. As she slips away into the night with Travis in tow, the perilous path ahead is filled with bigger nightmares.

Des seems to be one step ahead of Mary, slipping a lethal dose of the death drug into the unsuspecting Travis’s beer. They give him money to disappear, but life wasn’t meant for him. As he slowly succumbs to death in the back seat of Mary’s car, it sets off a chain reaction that neither Des nor Mary can come back from.

Murder is a line they dare not cross, yet here they are.

It will be interesting to see where the story goes from here.

Mary Kills People airs on Global every Wednesday at 8ET/PT

Photo: Screenshot taken by Author of review.