The Middle (S09E13) "Mommapalooza"

Mike is sick of Sue and Brick’s fighting about the hole in the wall so he orders them to fix it. As we’ve seen on the show multiple times before with the previous holes in the wall, Brick and Sue aren’t great at fixing things, and even YouTube videos by Randy Poteat (who was first mentioned in season 7 when Brick had to clean the bathroom on his own) don’t help them anything. Sue leaves Brick alone when she has to go to class and Brick makes the hole, and with that their problem, much bigger. Since they don’t have enough drywall to fix the wall, Sue comes up with the idea to fix it with her old poster boards, but this backfires at the end of the episode when she accidentally leans on the ‘wall’ and falls through it.

Lexie finds out that even though Axl is a working man now, he still doesn’t earn a lot of money and since he doesn’t want any money from her, she tries to find a way to sneak money and other fun expensive stuff into Axl’s hands without him knowing it. Axl catches on quickly though and confronts Lexie about it while they are in a restaurant, having a dinner she ‘won’. She explains to Axl that she doesn’t understand why he has to be so stubborn and that she just wants to share her things with the people she loves. This comes to a bit of a shock to both Axl and Lexie as they have never expressed their love for each other like that. Lexie freaks out a little bit, but Axl tells her that he loves her too. This is not the only surprise of the night. As a ‘gift’ for her 21st birthday, Lexie’s parents have decided to cut her off. Her apartment and her tuition are taken care off, but she’s on her own from now on. Lexie isn’t really used to any of that, but luckily Axl has some experience in that department and promises to teach her (stealing bread sticks seems like a great start).

Frankie realizes that now that she’s over 50 she hasn’t really done anything with her life. After meeting with a life coach, she decides to become a life coach herself, but her plans quickly change when she runs into Reverend TimTom. He needs someone to sing with him in his new show and asks Frankie to join him. Frankie doesn’t hesitate for one moment: “I went to a life coach, I became a life coach and I life coached myself into becoming a singer”. The singing is going great, so great even that Frankie and TimTom go on a 63 mile ‘worldwide’ tour through Indiana. But when she overhears the kids making fun of her newfound passion, she tells Reverend TimTom she wants to quit. TimTom is surprised by this, but before he really lets her go, he sings a new song he’s been working on: ‘Moms are people too’, making the kids feel guilty about what they just said. So the family decides to support Frankie and her musical dream after all, but after a while, in true Frankie fashion, she stops making music and continues watching TV (same Frankie, same).

I thought this was a solid episode with some great moments in all the different stories. It was great to see Reverend TimTom back, he is one of my favorite recurring characters. I love him and his songs and that tour he and Frankie went on was great. The scenes between Sue and Brick were fun too, but the best and sweetest scene of the episode was between Axl and Lexie, when they said they love each other. We obviously knew that they are very different, but I think they are a great couple and the way their differences was explored this week was fun.

All three storylines this week had some sort of open ending. The hole has been in the wall since the season 8 Halloween episode, and it’s still not fixed now. I don’t know why I feel strongly about this one, but this hole has got to be fixed before the show ends right?! Obviously Axl and Lexie’s relationship is still going strong, but what I’m even more interested in is how Lexie will do on her own, now that she doesn’t have her parents money to rely on. And Frankie, she has had ideas like this before and as we saw at the end of the episode, she didn’t stick with singing either, but maybe she will be searching for something more in the final episodes of the show.

We will have to wait to see what will happen next because The Middle takes a short break next week. The show will be back on January 30th at 8/7c on ABC!