The X-Files (S11E03) "Plus One"

We’re on the third episode of this season and to say that this was the best episode since the revival in 2016 would be an understatement. Not only was the case this time around spectacular but also the chemistry between our two favorite FBI agents was off the charts.

Just like last week’s episode, this week’s brought back the good old X-Files vibes. This week’s case: People killing themselves. Literally, in the flesh killing themselves. The reason for these killings does not immediately seem clear, however, the twins Chuck and Judy are believed to have something to do with it. The episode was wonderfully written and had not only funny parts but also gave Scully and Mulder ways to separate and investigate on their own. While Scully deals with the female twin, Judy and her alter ego, Mulder takes it upon himself to talk to Chuck and his alter ego. Of course, at the end of the day, they come back together and deal with the case as partners. Or try to do so.

This week beautifully showed the spirit of the Mulder and Scully relationship: Mulder coming up with bulletproof theories and Scully proving him wrong. This well-played chemistry will most likely never get old. It’s part of who Scully and Mulder are and part of why they work so well together always complementing each other.

“Plus One” has most likely been the most anticipated episode of the season so far and for good reason: Mulder and Scully shared a hotel room again for the first time in forever and, eventually, even a pull-out-sofa. We all knew it was going to happen, still, the building of the tension and the not knowing of how or when something would happen was well played. Eventually, after seeing her own alter ego, Mulder is asked by Scully to share the sofa and hold her, to which he immediately agrees. This leads to a heartwarming conversation about what-ifs and the future.

Scully seems restless at the thought of not knowing what their future might look like or if they will still spend time together once they’re old. To which Mulder replies “I’ll come push your wheelchair with my wheelchair” and with it melts hundreds of hearts. As if cuddling and heart-to-heart’s weren’t enough to handle, this scene, as well as the last scene of the episode, had the theme song of the show playing in the background. The episode then ends with Scully and Mulder almost separating into two different rooms until they can leave the hotel. However, Scully quickly decides against it and ends up opening the door to Mulder’s room only to find him standing in the door waiting for her to come after him.

The episode was a beautiful and easy one to watch. It wasn’t filled with conspiracy theories or unanswered questions. It was clearly structured, had a clear end and beginning and was allowed us to concentrate on the relationship of Mulder and Scully a bit more while still enjoying the case and not having to come back to it and try to understand what had happened. I have to say, my little shipper heart is more than happy about this episode as well as my writer soul has enjoyed this episode’s writing a lot. We still have a couple of new episodes waiting for us this season and I can’t wait to see what else will be thrown our way.