The Gifted (S01E12, S01E13) “eXtraction”, “X-roads”

Sadly my friends this is the finale for this season of The Gifted, but no need for tears as it has received a renewal! Until then, let’s break down the final two episodes.

We start with the Strucker’s seeking out Reed’s mother to protect her from the hands of Sentinel. It was a short lived reunion, but seeing the emotional highs and lows as truths were uncovered was great for character building. Gamgam, as she is affectionately called, presents herself with great poise and strength. Even when she is given the run down as to the current situation and overflows with emotion, she still has an air of compassionate matriarchy. It made sense for her to retreat to Florida (not quite Miami though haha) where it would be safe for her, given her late ex-husbands fate. It would have been interesting if she had joined the Underground, possibly giving them a wisdom and perspective they didn’t have before. Alas, ’twas not meant to be. Though had she joined, Andy may not have began to pull away.

Andy’s distance has been touched upon before in the series, though it is generally attributed to teenage angst. He is certainly more eager to learn about his abilities and heritage than his sister is, which seems to be a sensitive subject for the two. It is usually after the siblings fight that he begins to pull further away, turning to fellow members of the Underground and training for comfort. It is foreshadowed very early that he would end up on opposing sides of his sister, but to see it unfold was both heart breaking and thrilling. Andy wasn’t the only one making a hard choice this finale.

Lorna has proven she is willing to make the hard decisions regardless of others opinions. Generally this translates to her making a grand speech and heavy handedly persuading those around her to agree. This time however, she took the biggest choice into her own hands, or rather ripped it apart. The Underground has been battling Dr. Campbell all season, but Lorna finally had enough. Of course one of the Frost’s would be involved, but she wasn’t pulling the strings this time. After finally reaching her breaking point, Lorna destroys the plane carrying Dr.Campbell and his associates. This is something that will effect all of mutant kind and will certainly make things much harder for our heroes.

After losing their hide out, the Mutant Underground is trying to recover in Nashville but it is short lived. Lorna arrives after turning to the dark side to recruit any who are willing and ready to fight. It’s hard to go against her logic, as the mutants have faced insurmountable tragedies and are certainly justified in wanting to be free. Before the episode ends we see the new Hellfire Club, and they are certainly powerful. We will have to wait to see how the Underground handles this as it is sure to be addressed next season. Who will remain a villain and who will see the light? What’s going to happen to the baby? We can only speculate, but it is sure to be worth the wait.