The Good Place (S02E11) "Chapter 24: Rhonda, Diana, Jake and Trent"

As the gang gets to the Bad Place, they must pass as on of their own and get into the portal to see the judge. What could possibility go wrong, right?

As Eleanor, Michael and the gang headed to the Bad Place, Michael tells them the plan of how they’ll go and get to the portal to see the judge. But they must wear disguises to look like one of them: Tahani as Rhonda, Eleanor as Diana, Jason as Jake Brotles and Chidi as Trent. As they get there, Michael places them in the museum of the first to go into the bad place so they could wait there while he go get the pins that will get them through the portal. Thinking that no one would be coming in there, think again as a celebration would happen soon and Eleanor and the gang would have to mingle.

Meanwhile, Michael meets with Shaun about his plans to go to the judge, but Shaun denies it and shows him what he has in store for the humans. Going to a board room with other board members, Shaun tells Michael that he send a team to go to middle place to get the humans but instead they find Mindy with Derek having fun. As Shaun finds out that the humans weren’t there, Michael sneaks out with some of the board members jackets that has those pens.

As Michael runs back to Eleanor and the gang, they happen to see what the celebration was about: the success of the good place and the four robotic copies of themselves. And just as Michael gets to them, some of the people that recognized them and soon Shaun gets there as well. In a sticky situation, the one man saves them as Jason pulls one of his cocktails that he says works and used it to get away.

As they get to the portals, Michael gives three of the pens to Tahani, Jason and Chidi and as they all went in, Michael couldn’t find a forth one. That was until Shaun was coming and decides to pull off the Trolley problem and gave Eleanor his pen and pushes her off into the portal.

“Rhonda, Diana, Jake and Trent” was a fun half hour episode that brought a lot of witty comedy of it’s props of the Bad Place from iHop to Axe spray (don’t try the new Transformers as it smells sweaty and confused) and not to mention the Bad Place museum. Watching the characters blend in with the folks of the bad place was a step up for Chidi, even though he hates to lie, he really just lied with the truth of what torches someone the best: books.

The episode still holds up to be good and still keeps you guessing thinking that they might all go through the portal. But when they do, a surprise and emotional move from Michael in sacrificing his own pen to give to Eleanor and stay behind.

What happens next? Eleanor seems to be the leader of the group now with the guidance of Janet. Will they move on or go back to save Michael? Will we see Michael again? Many questions to ask and just a couple of weeks left for the season.

Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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