How to Get Away With Murder (S04E09) "He’s Dead"


The midseason premiere could have been titled “Revelations and Tears” because it was chock full of both. If you remember, at the end of the fall we were left with blood everywhere – on Annalise as she’s trying to save Laurel’s baby, on Laurel as she lays bleeding out on the floor, on Simon after he shot himself, and on MacKayla after getting sprayed by Simon’s blood.

Picking up shortly thereafter we see Laurel and her baby being rushed to the hospital with Annalise running after. Connor is still back at Laurel’s apartment, calling Annalise to fill her in on everything that happened at the party. I think Annalise’s face here is pretty much all of us:

vlcsnap 2018 01 20 16h08m50s481 - How to Get Away With Murder (S04E09) "He's Dead"

Connor blurts out the whole story in an open stairway like a total numbskull – and there is Laurel’s father’s right-hand man Dominic, listening in on the whole thing. I feel fairly confident in saying that I would at least look around me before blurting out that someone got shot, why and how. Annalise sends Connor to Nate to ask for help. Poor Nate – always just the emergency contact.

At the hospital, Frank and Annalise are desperately trying to get access to Laurel and the baby. Frank ends up telling the nurse that the baby is his, even though as soon as we see that little boy it’s obvious that it is not his. But Frank clearly doesn’t care, gazing down at that baby in a way that would do any father proud. He about loses it when confronted by the human services rep at the hospital, they’ve been led to believe that Laurel did this to herself and the baby on purpose. Evil Papa Castillo has reared his head, telling them lies about Laurel using hard drugs and not taking care of herself. I will admit, I’ve been fairly cool on Frank for 4 seasons, but the look on his face when he gets admitted into Laurel’s room and is pleading with her to wake up may have finally won me over.

Annalise has to go seriously Mama Bear Lawyer all over the hospital’s ass to find out why Laurel is being separated from her baby – somehow Mr. Castillo has already secured a custody agreement that allows him to take the baby. (Can that stuff really happen so quickly?) Obviously, Laurel loses her mind over this news, understandable since; a) it’s her kid and b) her dad is a terrible human being. Mr. Castillo has the baby transferred out of the hospital and I tell you it was so painful to watch Annalise running after them pleading with him not to do this. He was so callous and I can’t imagine being one of those nurses wheeling out a baby when the mother’s lawyer is screaming, “He’s going to hurt this baby!”
Laurel, coming out of her medicated stupor, confesses that Dominic had called and warned her off the night before. Her father knew she was pregnant and may have known about the plan to get his financial information. She feels so guilty that she just keeps repeating that she doesn’t deserve to be a mother. I hope she gets over that crap fast, this baby needs her to fight!

Meanwhile, back at the office, MacKayla and Oliver are desperately trying to figure out what to tell the police. They realize that the reason Asher had been arrested was because he admitted to picking up the gun. They stick with their story of Simon committing suicide and make sure the police understand that Asher only picked up the gun out of shock.
Asher tells Nate the truth about the party and his confession, and when asked why he told the police about the gun, Asher, again the voice of reason, replies, “I didn’t want to be caught in another lie.” I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I never expected dumb frat boy Asher from season 1 to be the one I connect to the most this season.

Bonnie, somehow on Team Good (ish?), is able to get Asher out of jail, and bring Laurel’s purse to her – albeit missing a hard drive. It was never even logged into evidence, so part of this season will be trying to find out who took it.

I was nervous for Oliver when Dominic bullied his name out of Teagan – but Frank took care of that in a neck break. Frank, letting his anger take control, kills Dominic when Dominic won’t (can’t) tell him where the hard drive is, or where Laurel’s father is taking her baby.

So. Lots of interesting developments and plenty left to find out this season!