The Big Bang Theory (S11E14) ‘The Separation Triangulation’

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Finally, Raj gets his girl.

All his friends have a significant other, it’s only right. I’ll let you in on something though: This romance is to be short-lived. As Raj’s romance was only to be star-crossed. (Leaving him forever to be the third wheel, AWKWARD.)

Things were looking up in the beginning of the episode. Raj was doing his gig at the planetarium. Where he happens to meet, Nell. He asks her to take a “Walk Through the Stars” (Long Pause) You had to literally hear the way Raj says it. You’d be cackling up! It was not long before Raj’s charms worked on Nell. They were set up for a date TONIGHT! Raj and Nell date night proceeded with making out and sex. (Ooh la-la!)

The morning after:

Raj cooked his new girlfriend an omelet. BOMB DROPPED! Nell has a husband. You wait till now, Nell? Seriously girlfriend? Well, technically, they are “separated”, all of 2 weeks. That is a millisecond in life today. She waited till after the glorious night of love and passion under the stars…

The poll:

Raj decides to visit Howard and Bernadette. He wants to get their opinion, or should I say poll them. (COUGH Third wheel, anyone? COUGH) I thought this was by far one of the funniest scenes. “If he is the bad guy in Nell’s horror movie or the good guy in his own Nicholas Sparks rom-com?” (I was now laughing hysterical. I mean really, Raj?) Who do you think you are?

‘The House of Pie’:

No time to cry over spilled milk, right? The next day, Raj meets Oliver. SURPRISE! He’s Nell’s husband. (OH YES! It’s about to get real!) You would think Oliver was there to beat Raj up? NO. He was there crying a river over Nell. Where do these guys go? The House of Pie, to share some desert and Raj tries to help get Oliver out of the dumps…

Reunited and it doesn’t feel so good.

When Raj sees his girlfriend again, all he can see is visions of Oliver crying… (It’s like a bad guilt trip. Remember, the episode of Seinfeld, when Frank Costanza was cooking for the veterans. He thinks he is ‘food poisoning them.’ He throws all the trays up in the air. When technically, everything was good!)  Raj confesses to Nell he shared a “bromance” with Oliver. Which she found incredibly creepy. He encourages her to give Oliver another chance. They should go couples therapy. If not, big Raj is always waiting for her. Who would pass that up? You all know this was just ENOUGH for Nell to RUN back to Oliver.

Sheldon, Lenny and Penny.

Sheldon is SO in love with his String Theory, lets face facts. He’s so in love it, he wants to rent a room in Leonard’s apartment. Flip side: Leonard and Penny’s answer is a BIG FAT NO. One, he is not the easiest person in the world to live with. Two and three, boundaries and their privacy would no longer exist. (Bye, Bye, Bye!) Yet, Sheldon shocks us all, including Penny and Leonard. He stays in his room and is quiet as could be. Leonard is totally freaked out by Sheldon’s rationale behavior and being quiet as a mouse… The clauses in their agreement has a 3-day trial period. Things are just not working out. Sheldon scolds Leonard warning him he will get lawyers involved, but won’t if he gets if a glass of sparkling lemon water.
Leonard ends it with “It feels right.”

The Big Bang Theory ‘The Separation Triangulation’ Lines of the night:

  • “The campus isn’t safe at night. There are raccoons and undergrads walking around like they own the place.” – Sheldon
  • “That’s the bare minimum to get to the plural of weeks.” – Raj
  • “He drove me crazy all those years we lived together.” – Leonard (re: Sheldon)

I hope you enjoyed my review of The Big Bang Theory (S11E14) ‘The Separation Triangulation’.