Image Comics: “Here’s Negan”

So we are all really in love with both the comics and television series of The Walking Dead. Today I finished reading a comic story that’s the backstory of a certain villain who is being loved by some and hated by others right now on the TV series, yes I’m talking about Negan! And I’ve chosen to review the graphic novel!

In the graphic novel we see Negan who is apparently a coach to kids in either middle or elementary school. He gets the bad news from the doctors after his wife collapses that she’s dying from cancer. Negan makes it his mission to only stay focused on his wife. To take care of her till the end; it’s not long till the world starts going to hell with the walkers surfacing and turning others.

It’s interesting to see this backstory of a hated but also loved villain to have so much happen to him long before everything started with the apocalypse. It’s also interesting to see the reveal of his wife’s name just when she turns into a walker. Which those who haven’t read the graphic novel or guessed what Negan’s wife’s name is, it’s Lucile. Yes the name of his baseball bat, is named after his wife who he couldn’t kill after she turned.

I really have to give writer and creator Robert Kirkman a whole lot of praise. He has created absolutely the best story for Negan. And I couldn’t be any happier than I am right now to be able to write this review to his graphic novel for a fantastic character. Robert Kirkman is literally a fantastic story teller and he gives us great stories through The Walking Dead franchise! I just hope others see that it takes a lot of thought to create these stories and as an artist myself I know how hard it is creating characters and giving them backstories and even trying to bring them to stories in general. It can be hard!

Charlie Adlard and Cliff Rathburn, both did a phenomenal job working on the penciling and coloring of the pages to the graphic novel. It’s good to see other artists work to get an idea of the different styles of penciling and inking and even coloring to comic books and graphic novels. Hopefully one day I can make it to being a comic book artist as well!

I have to say though, it takes a lot of time and effort to be able to do all this art and not get some recognition. Like everyone always remembers the writers but not always the artists. And the artists deserve recognition as well cause if it isn’t for the artists creating what they think the character would look like. There would only be novels and no comics so yeah keep that in mind when you’re reading a comic or a graphic novel next time. Everyone deserves recognition for their work!

Here’s Negan is now out in comic book shops and book stores, if you’re a Walking Dead fan then you are definitely going to want to read this graphic novel; it’s truly a fantastic read!